Friday, June 18, 2010

flower child

fleur anya
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i have been fighting scrap-block something fierce the past month or two...anything i try and create feels...forced...and then earlier today i realized i was trying to force myself to create...which DOES NOT work! i had colored this adorable anya a few weeks ago...and there it sat on my desk...all i said...just hang out and let it come! came across this sketch on the Cute Card Thursday blog...and after many failed attempts with other images and paper...this finally's very simple...which is where i think i needed to begin to help recover from this block! i'm inspired to create more...but...i don't want to force we shall see! Enjoy!

Challenges: Cute Card Thursday Challenge 117

Ingredients: Paper - Basic Grey; Cardstock - CTMH; Image - The Greeting Farm Fleur Anya; Ink - Copics (couldn't tell you which ones i used at this point...i colored her awhile ago!); cuttlebug embossing folder - floral fantasy; ribbon - unknown

FF#39 in pink and blue

shoe 6/18
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Hello all! well...i did it! i finally got something made! i felt's been awhile! this card is for this week's challenge at If the Shoe fits...Scrap it! This week is the FF#39 challenge, a recipe to use circles, gems and paint! This week's challenge is sponsored by Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps. I used the Angie Angel image. Isn't she cute! I had a lot of fun coloring her! If you feel up to the challenge, drop on by the Shoe! The winner of this challenge will receive 3 Robyn's Fetish stamps of their choice!

Have fun!

Ingredients: Paper and cardstock - CTMH; Copic - E44, E47, E49, E00, E01, E02, R20, R21, R22, B00, B01, B02; Smooch paints - Siren, Gold Lame, Moonlight, Green Apple; Swiss dots Cuttlebug embossing folder; Flower - Prima; ribbon, pearls, gem - unknown

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ramblings on football, vampires and friends

it's been so long since i have posted!  life has been a whirlwind roller coaster ride...with both ups and downs...i honestly haven't created anything in's been kind of sad...i will start coloring an image and then i'm being pulled in different directions all at once...and usually the non-creative pulls win.  oh well!  summer has begun...spent a few days at the beach this past weekend and will be back there tomorrow!  time to re-energize...let the creative juices flow...have a bit of a change of scenery!  looking forward to it! on to other things...i know this blog is entitle "Scrap-a-daisy"...but i must comment on all the college football shennanigans going on...first...i must laugh at USC finally getting busted for their inelligible players.  yes their wins are they won't be stinking up the bowl scene for a few years (as if they were headed to any bowl games for the next few seasons anyways...*cough*lanekiffin*cough*).  what bugs me is all the chatter about reggie bush's heisman trophy win and if that too will be stripped.  i've read a lot of online posts and news articles about how he was the most amazing football player that year and it's his on the field actions that win the heisman...not what happens off the field.  i throw the Bull Sh*t flag on that one...he wasn't technically ELIGIBLE to be on the football field!  he shouldn't have been playing that year due to his off-field NCAA violations...i will not disagree he was and still is an amazing football player...but if you shouldn't have been out there because you were breaking the rules...then why should you be rewarded???  now...this is not to say that i think the second place should now receive a heisman trophy that is 5 years old...even though that player was and is one of my all time faves....i say "vacate" the heisman like the NCAA "vacated" USCs wins.  send the trophy back...and let it sit.  don't put another name on it...but let it sit and say...hey...we don't reward cheaters. football realignment (or the big SCRAMBLE is the title i prefer)...i'm seriously sick and tired of hearing how TEXAS screwed over other teams in the Big 12 by showing up.  and i'm not just talking my LONGHORNS...i'm talking the entire state.  i've read so many accounts today about Nebraska leaving in part due to the Texas teams coming in and forcing their style...well hell...if you get your a** kicked that much by a different team...are you gonna improve...or take your crayons and go home...SEE YA!  I'm honestly hoping the Big 12 stays together (minus CU, Nebraska, and for the love of god can we please please please dump Baylor!) and maybe add some teams like...Boise St...TCU...and the like.  I just cannot imagine my fair Longhorns belonging to a conference called the Pacific-10 (or whatever # the end up at!).  just doesn't make sense...we prefer to wipe the floor with the west coast sissy schools in bowl games and play REAL teams during the season!

on vampires...WOOHOOO!  True Blood season 3 starts Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on friends...sometimes friends don't get along.  sometimes they disagree (ok...they FIGHT)...but that's part of life.  honesty in life is almost always the best policy.  sometimes honesty leads to people's feelings getting the question honest...or tell one of those little white lies about how everything is ok?  well needless to say...i ran off at the mouth and didn't sugar coat something or tell a white lie...and now my very dear friend is upset and not speaking to me.  for the record...i'm not thrilled with myself for what i said...but*t happens...and even if it didn't come out pretty...i can't take back what i was feeling at the i can continue to feel bad that it ended up the way it did...or i can accept that people sometimes act the fool (myself included...i tend to act foolish fairly often)...accept them for who and what they are and move on. 

morale of the story:  sometimes it's a sh*tty day...other times it's fabulous...we all have to learn to live with both.