Friday, September 30, 2011

FF#92...Inspiration on WCMD!

Happy Friday all!  (Wow...2 posts in one day...I may be setting a personal best for this year for myself!  LOL!)  Just a quick post to remind you that tomorrow is

and over at the Shoe we have a fab inspiration challenge running for FF#92!  Here is my card:

I'm hoping to get some more crafty stuff done tomorrow in honor of WCMD...but it's supposed to be sunny and 69 degrees...I may just have to put on a sweater and sit outside and enjoy this fab weather!!!  Later!

Supplies: Cardstock - Papertrey Ink; Image and Sentiment - Papertrey Ink; Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black and Copics; Ribbon - from my stash; Glitter - Martha Stewart Crafts

The Help...was amazing!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to go see the movie The Help (based on the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and let me tell you...WOW!  Do NOT go see this movie without packing some tissue!

I read the book a few months ago after seeing all of the previews and ads for the movie.  And I am so glad I read the book...what a stunning story.  The writing is amazing, the way it captures moments in history as a page of someone's every day's quite a beautifully written book.  I highly recommend that if you are interested in seeing the the book first!  It's a pretty quick read, because it is incredibly difficult to put the book down after starting, and you can't help but want to keep reading so that you can hear the stories, so that you can find out what happens to the amazing characters.  And I honestly think it's an IMPORTANT book to read...for just a small glimpse into a life that many of us are too young to have ever witnessed, or have lived.

The movie was just as good!  I was really surprised as many times movies do NOT live up to the expectations of a good book.  While there are some pieces that are cut out of the movie (at 2 hours in length, there wasn't a whole lot cut out, but it was...trimmed a bit), it does not negatively impact the story telling.  I would not be surprised (IMHO) if there aren't many Oscar nominations for this movie, in particular for Viola Davis who plays the main character/narrator of the story, her work was AMAZING. 

Well that's it for back later tonight with some new Shoe stuff.  But just had to take a minute and share my RAVE of the book and movie!

Friday, September 16, 2011

FF#91...Bejeweled Blue!

Happy Friday all!  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand and my SIL (well...she's BILs is she my SIL? anywho, that's how I refer to her as) and are are heading out to see The Help today!  I read the book a few weeks ago...and I've been so looking forward to seeing the movie...glad that SIL wanted to see it too!

Actual reason for this post...there's a WHOLE LOT going on over at the Shoe today! We've got the Top 3 and Shoe of the Week from FF#90, we've got our random prize winner announced, oh...there is of course a NEW FF going on...did I forget something?  OH...almost forgot about the Fall/Winter 2011 DT Call!  That has opened up today and we will be accepting applications until Sept. 30th.  So you definitely need to drop by the Shoe and read up on all the details!

And now...FF#91!  For this challenge we want to see how Sapphires (September's birthstone) inspire you!  Here is my sample:

Ok...let's be honest...this looked a lot better when I first pictured it in my head...oh well!  My daughter will love it I'm sure (there is BLING...of course she will love it!).

Off to the movies...catch you later!

Supplies: Cardstock - Papertrey Ink, American Crafts; Sentiment - Verve stamps; Ink - CTMH Moonstruck; Bling - Studio 18; Cuttlebug Embossing Folder - Damask

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun and Games

as stressful and challenging as my job can all breaks down to just some good old fashioned fun!

Every year my company hosts a United Way Carnival...all proceeds raised at the Carnival go directly to the United Way.  The Carnival is one of those events...that no matter WANT to be at work that day  for (even when you have worked yourself ragged as part of the UW prep team...and thankfully I am not one of those people!).

The most anticipated parts of the Carnival...the site-wide COOK-OFF!!!  Teams from different groups within the company form up...decide on their menu...and the morning of the cook off...let the GAMES begin!  (actually let the competition is VERY fierce!).  Here is an early morning pic of 8 of the 12 teams getting set up and running:

I'm part of the OPS/Training team and here is our booth this year:

We had an excellent addition to the team this year...his marinade for our Chicken and Shrimp skewers was to die for!  Here he is peeling shrimp while another team member skewers the chicken:

and here is some of the other most fabulous members of the team (from left to right: Queen Decorator, Grand Duchess of Sales, and the Marinade King.  I was taking the pic so I'm not in it...but I do refer to myself as the Mistress of the Grill):

oh...besides the food, we do have some fun games set the Royal is our Team Handyman facing down the Director of our department:

and here is the director after getting soaked! (not the last time either!):

and even better...this year...the OPS/Training team...took home the title of: Top DOG!  Our food was the overwhelming pick of the food judges!  WOOHOO!  (planning has already begun for next year's menu!  We have a title to defend now!)

Here's hoping you have an absolutely FABULOUS day!  (I know mine was!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 a## is fat


  • you get tired
  • life gets in the way of having fun
  • you don't understand the decisions people make
  • you get tired
  • you get bored
  • others decide for you what is going to happen next (a.k.a CHILDREN!)
  • you dwell upon things you wish you did not
  • you get tired
  • you re-prioritize and things get left off the list
  • you grow up and realize reality is harsh
  • you just don't know what to do
and get just plain TIRED!  

such is is a many splendored thing!  sometimes good things happen and you don't even try...sometimes bad things happen...and you weren't even PMSing that week! (I know I am not alone in this!!!!).  And sometimes...things just happen for a reason...and those are the hardest to accept...but the ones most right for you.

This part will concern only one person...who cares if I dreamt you said my a## was fat?  (some days it is...and that REALLY sucks) the TRUTH chose to believe and rely in people you met only through social networking, knew very little about them to TRUST...and not much (if any) face to face...and threw away 11 years of friendship...actually...sistership (maybe that should be sisterhood...who knows).  That was your choice.  Did it hurt me...yes.  But that was your choice...I cannot be responsible for your own it.  Does it suck...sometimes...but I have grown...have some amazing friends...and I am ok.  I miss the "sister" I used to have...but have realized quite a few things.  That person didn't care about our relationship, otherwise...well...we'd still be friends.  Don't think I'm bitter...actually...I'm ok...a bit sad sometimes...but ok.  I still think you are a good person...think you WERE a great friend...but think if you truly cared about those 11 years...well...would we be here now? email addy is the # might be (switched idea anymore what # you used to have)...but if you want to talk...hell...why not...we were once sisters (ish).

to everyone else...sorry didn't mean to blab so much to just one person...but's what you got to do....


Friday, September 2, 2011

FF#90...let's all head BACK TO SCHOOL!

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I'm THRILLED the weekend is here!  And a LONG weekend at that!  Even Mommy is coming to visit me tomorrow (yes...I'm in my 30's and I still refer to my Mother as Mommy (and sometimes MU-THER!)).  But before tomorrow's time to share the new Fashionista Friday challenge with you!  For this challenge...we have chosen the theme BACK TO SCHOOL!  And my kiddo totally inspired it!  We've been having a lot of conversations lately about what is "cool" and what is "so not cool."  I apparently follow into the latter here is my child inspired card:

But wait...not only is it a brand new challenge, it's a SPONSORED challenge!  Whiff of Joy stamps has a fab prize available to one randomly selected entry in the FF#90 challenge!  So head on over and share your art!

Ingredients: Paper - Stampin Up; Cardstock - Papertrey Ink and American Crafts; Image - MJ Henry by Whiff of Joy stamps; Ink - Copic; Glitter - CTMH