Monday, November 21, 2011

busy and worn out

here is a conversation hubby and I had recently via telephone:

Me: Hey, I'm busy right now, no time to talk
Hubby: That's not very nice
Me: I'm sorry, I'm just really busy
Hubby: Whatcha doing?
Me: WORKING...doing my JOB
Hubby: well you don't have to get snippy

I apologized again and got off the phone.  Sometimes I wonder if he and I are on the same planet!  LOL!

But...that's been the story of my life the past few weeks...busy at work and at home.  I have several projects going on that I'm not able to share right now (some are gifts for others that might sometimes stop by here!).  It feels like I run non-stop all day and night...and weekends too...except for the moments I throw my hands it quits...and the kiddo and I go out to lunch or dinner...

Unfortunately all of this busyness has caused my memory to be a bit faulty...and I'm not entirely sure that it's just being busy to blame...some of it is just life moving on.

Saturday was the 13th anniversary of my father's death.  And none of us remembered.  Until late that evening.

The text messages went something like this between me and one of my sisters:

Sis: would dad pick Ole Miss or Miss St.
Me: I have no idea, was just wondering that
Sis: other Sis says Ole Miss and I agree
Me: I'd buy that
Sis: Me too
Sis: it was 13 years ago today
Me: I can't believe I forgot
Sis: I forgot too.  Until the Mississippi stuff

We conversed more via text about some stuff...including how odd it was that so many random things involving thoughts of my father had occurred during the week.  Kiddo had asked me to participate in a school project...they were collecting memoirs and writing some of their own, and part of the project was to have a family member write one.  One of the topics was death of a loved I wrote about when I received the red cross message informing me of my father's death.  After I wrote it, I spent a few minutes talking to kiddo about her grandfather and how he would have thought she was pretty cool.  I cried...she looked at me like I was cracked...and then life moved on.

At first I felt terrible that I had forgotten the date...but the more I think about it...the more I's ok. He's always with me...keeping an eye on me and my sisters and mom...

And I can't help but think he would be pretty proud of all of us and where we are in our lives.

So...needless to was a bit of an emotional weekend...and I'm a bit worn out.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to take a little breather here and there this weekend...of course if I can breathe after I stuff my face with turkey, potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce (and yeast rolls and pie and...well you get the idea)!

Friday, November 11, 2011

FF#96...Try Something New!

ok...can't say it enough...I'm SOOO Happy it's FRIDAY!!!  long week...definitely needed the weekend to get here!

This week over at the Shoe we have a fantabulous sponsor in The Beary Scrap who sent us some oh so yummy goodies to allow us the chance to try out making Tear Bears!  (I've never done that before!).  Here is my sample:

and now...well...I love how my little skunk came out!  Not a huge fan of the process (these days I'm much more in to instant craft gratification!)...but the end result is some enjoyable!  Will I make more tear bears in the future...we'll see...I can imagine these on b-day cards and tags for my lovely nieces (and adorable nephew) just depends if Aunt Lesley gets any of that actually done ON TIME for a change!  (or in amazing would that be????? that could totally be my next "try something new!").  Anyways!  LOL!  Head on over to the Shoe...check out the other fab samples...and play along with us!

Monday, November 7, 2011

FF#95...with a KISS and a SOG!

Happy Monday!  hopefully you are having a fantastic Monday...not one of those Manic ones!  Just wanted to let you know that the latest Fashionista Friday challenge (FF#95 - Keep it Simple Sweetheart!) is up over at the Shoe!  Here is my sample:

and now for the SOG...we are having a card drive as part of the Shoe Season of head over to the Shoe to read all about it!  It's for a very worthy, and near to our hearts cause!  So check it out!  and now...back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just a quick note...

The FF#94 Top 3 and Shoe of the week have been posted over at If the Shoe fits...Scrap it!  Really excited about what we are going to share with you on can read a little about it in today's post!  Now I'm off to fend off the cold that seems to want to attack me...I've been trying to convince it otherwise for two days now...hopefully it retreats!

Friday, October 21, 2011

FF#94...Spooky Fall!

Happy happy Friday!  Hope yours is going as well as mine!  Posting today to share the latest and greatest Fashionista Friday challenge from If the Shoe fits...Scrap it!

The FF#94 challenge is based on how you are inspired by this time of we are giving you some options!  Share with us either your Halloween or Fall inspired projects (or both! or a combo of both!).  My sample is something a little different than I normally create for the's something in progress for my daughter (who is Halloween's BIGGEST fan!)...she requested it specifically (well...she was supposed to do the bulk of the work...that didn't end up happening!):

and up close

I started piecing this quilt top yesterday, and finished it up earlier today.  She picked the fabrics...I did all the cutting, stitching, piecing, etc. She thinks it's pretty cool though!  Now I just have to get it quilted!

Thanks for stopping head on over to the Shoe and share your inspiration with us!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

little life lessons

  1. Don't speak too loudly while your hubby is on the phone...the person on the other end might hear you refer to them in less than flattering terms (learned this one last week)
  2. Don't make said comments when the person you are really irritated with is your hubby...not the other person (see above)
  3. Don't ever start a sentence with "hold my beer while..." it usually leads to many comical (at your own expense) stories for many years to come (learned this one a few years ago while at Talladega)
  4. Don't expect to automatically be able to do something just because you saw a tutorial on someone else's blog (many semi-painted canvases and piles of "artsy" junk filling up space in my office taught me this one)
  5. Don't give up just because you don't get it right the first time (still working on this one)
  6. Don't drive someone's prized vehicle and then complain about how it drives (hubby learned this one today (for the second time!))
  7. Don't drink and blog (learned that after re-reading last night's post...does it make sense to anyone???)
  8. Trust but verify (re-live that one EVERY day!)
  9. Don't believe that just because you have it all together at work, you have it all together outside of work (have to remind myself of this EVERY day!)
  10. Don't attempt to make important decisions first thing in the morning if you haven't had a cup of coffee (this may just be me)
  11. Don't give up...even when you break ever rule listed above...tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what to do when we grow up

what is there to do when you are left wondering and considering something?

especially when you aren't entirely sure what to say...

but you respond best you can...

and still have no idea how it is you should have responded...but you responded with what you thought was the best you could do....

and you sometimes wonder if you weren't a grown up...would you have to wonder?

would any of the stuff matter?

or...were you the best grownup you could be in your response...

i like to think when we were kids it was much easier...hurts were easily forgotten...the sky was always blue (or purple or pink or...whatever color you picked for your sky back then...)

and life was always good...

and then we grow up...

and it's not perfect...

words leave lasting hurt...

and we have to engage our brains to respond...

our brains are often way too logical...but then in all the logical thinking are you forgetting that you were hurt....

but then again i think back to being a kid...and were hurts really forgotten so easily?

and then we end up back where we began...with some logic applied

hurt hurts

and no matter if we are a kid...or a grown up....

hurtful words and actions

still hurt

but as a grown up...i know

sometimes we have to figure out why it hurts...


with caution...

we have to consider

forgiving the hurt...

and that's what happens...

when we grow up

Monday, October 17, 2011

since I'm on the topic already...

considering the past few posts have been book-related...figured I'd throw my two cents in on the e-reader conversation...(please forgive the can read about my camera issue here)...

I own a Nook (Nook Color to be specific) hubby owns a Nook kiddo has the original mom has the original Nook...we're pretty much Nook peeps around here.  Before the Nook...we had one of the Sony e-readers...well two to be the Nook was not my first e-reader adventure...but man....once I used the Nook...there was no turning here's some info on the opinion (and strictly my opinion!!!) about the Nook...and well...a little conversation about e-readers in general...

Here is my story ('s lengthy...but maybe you will find it interesting, skip down a few paragraphs if you are strictly looking for a review of the Nook):

I love LOT!  I love to most favorite hobby...which I don't even consider a hobby...I read because that's what I do...and enjoy it much so...that it was never a surprise to my hubby if I went to the bookstore and came home with 5-6 new books (mostly just paperback...hard cover editions are just too bulky sometimes)...but he was starting to get sick of it...not the cost...not the habit...the having to STORE the books...because I have this problem...once I buy a book...I'll never get rid of it...I often re-read books...multiple times over the years...I would and will swap books with my Mom...every time I would drive to her house I would load up with a bunch of books for her...and return with just as many from her to me...she reads a lot too.

Hubby was having serious issues with the amount of space all these books were taking include multiple plastic totes stored in the garage...books on every table...bookshelves were a joke...I could fill them faster than he could build them...that when the e-reader craze really got crazy...he suggested I get one...I was dare one forsake the feel of holding a good book in one's hand????  (Never mind that I would sit and read for hours upon hours and actually lose feeling/cramp up/have shooting pains from having my hand hold the book(s))...but...when you are married...and your hubby is as cool as mine is (most of the time...don't tell him I said that!)...and you are some what curious about the e-reader'll give it a try!

and I loved the Sony E-reader (can't remember what model i had...sorry!) was so hand cramping...easy to read...easy to use...didn't miss having the actual book in my hand (the physical book so to speak) library (this may have changed since my experience over a year take this with a grain of salt!).  There was a particular book I really wanted to read...but the Sony library didn't have it was prepared to go and buy the hardcover edition...hubby threw a fit...WHY...was his main have an E-READER!!  I (calmly) explained to him that the Sony e-reader store DIDN'T have the book...and I REALLY wanted to read it.  He was not I didn't buy the book (at that moment).  And THEN...

We made a visit to the local Barnes&Noble (a regular occurrence for my household)...and there was this lovely display of Nooks...and such a helpful salesman standing there...(original Nook...this is pre-color Nook)...and I had ONE question...did they have the book (see paragraph above) in their e-library...his response...OF COURSE!  Yeah...I was sold at that moment...pretty sure hubby was meant I didn't have to buy the actual physical book!  Hubs looked at me and want it...I said...OF COURSE...and the salesman had a good day!

and I haven't looked back since...loved EVERY STINKING minute of reading with the original Nook (so much so that we got one for my Mom and my hubby later on)...

and THEN...

the nook color came out...another lovely sales person at a different Barnes and Noble hooked me at last Christmas (it was a fantastic Christmas present!!!)...I got a Nook Color...and then hubby got kiddo ended up with his original Nook (and she likes it too...just struggles sometimes with the whole real book vs e-book debate...what can I say...she's a seriously spoiled 12 year old)...

overall...LOVE the Nook Color (except on a sunny day at the beach...but then I steal kiddo's Nook!) the ability to download a new book from just about anywhere (with a wifi signal of course) so I can be traveling...and finish a book...and then get another one within seconds...the Barnes and Nobles customer service (Nook customer service) is phenomenal...had an original Nook pretty much die (after almost a idea why) and sent it back in and got my replacement easy peasy!

So there you have Nook story!

Later this week I'll post about the e-reader vs. e-reader app...and why I have both an e-reader and an iPad...instead of just one or the other...but figured this was enough for today!  Enjoy!

P.S.  I did not mention the Kindle...I have never used/operated/touched a Kindle...nor will I ever (it's a personal thing) I won't share my opinion on it...but I do have several friends that have Kindles and love them as much as I love my Nook!

Friday, October 14, 2011

more books

I've been on a serious reading binge the past few weeks.  It must be the cooler weather...nothing better than curling up with a good book under a comfy quilt on the couch!

My kiddo totally got he hooked on the stories of Percy Jackson last January (2010) (I think it was January...).  All of the books in the series are great (I'm thinking of revisiting them maybe a full review of just that series will follow later).  So after reading those books...I was amped up for some more olympic hero action...and along comes The Lost Hero.

Kiddo totally loved the book...and so did I.  I recently reread the book as it's follow up Son of Neptune was released last week, and I wanted to refresh my memory on the basis of the series (this is the Heroes of Olympus Series)...well I finished up Son of Neptune the other day...and well...definitely had an opinion about figured I'd share!


The Lost Hero

Ok...just to definitely helps if you have read the Percy Jackson series first; you will already have an idea about some of the characters and the original premise...fewer "huh" moments so to speak...This was a really good book!  It did a great job of introducing "new" characters to a pre-existing world and working within the original confines established in the Percy series.  The story was very similar in layout to the PJ series, but added some new details that kept it definitely did not feel like an older story reheated or anything. Rick Riordan does a fantastic job "selling" the idea of demi-gods and Olympus on Earth.  And considering these are "children's books" this adult was thoroughly entertained.  I would also agree that these books are appropriate for the recommended age level (9-11), but the audience should not be turned off by that recommendation...this book is truly a story for all ages.

Kiddo really enjoyed the book, as did I...and we both anxiously awaited the next book...and were thrilled when it came out last week!

The Son of Neptune

So, book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus series does a fantastic job of picking up where book 1 left off...and much as I enjoyed the first...this one was AMAZING!  The story followed the usual path...but was much richer in detail...and definitely kept me guessing at times as to what might happen next.  How much I enjoyed this particular book may have something to do with the fact that Percy Jackson (absent in The Lost Hero) returns in Son of Neptune...and there is a familiarity with this know where he's been and what he's done the basic idea of he's wandering lost without his memory makes you want him to remember and realize all that much more.  The new characters added definitely give a new perspective and put a bit of a different twist on the story line...but all for good...definitely no "jump the shark" moments.  Again, it's age appropriate, but's very limiting to list the age recommendation as 9 to this may turn some new to the series readers an adult...I thought it was a great book and it definitely left me hanging and anxiously awaiting the next installment (in like a YEAR or something!)  Thankfully Riordan has another series, the Kane Chronicles (another fantastic series), out...falling at different release intervals, to keep us readers hooked!

Well...there you have it...another bit of a book review from me...with little to no spoilers!  Hope you enjoy!  I'm off to work on book 2 of this series...might post more about it later!

P.S.  All above is my own one asked for or solicited this opinion...just figured I'd share what I thought were some pretty entertaining reads with you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a bit of a rave...and a bit of a rant

Last weekend I was feeling a bit under the weather and spent the majority of the weekend propped up in bed reading...turns out I was actually coming down with I stayed in bed on Monday too...during all this bed rest...I read quite a bit...and most importantly i finally read the books my hubby has been recommending...the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I read all 3...and I must say...there is one to rave about...and the other two...well...not so much.

Book 1:  The Hunger Games

WOW!  What a stunning story.   A gruesome adventure at that.  The story telling is amazing, the characters are fantastic, and I found myself really cheering for the main character Katniss and the main secondary character Peeta.  The basic idea of the book is not new...battling to the death in front of a live audience in a demonstration of how inhuman the world has become...but the author does a great job in telling the story, making you feel like you know these characters...that you are one of the people watching it happen.  The descriptions are fabulous.  I will say this much...the book is recommended for reading levels of age 12 and up...and I definitely DO NOT think this is an appropriate book for age 12...perhaps 14...but that's just my own opinion.  I really enjoyed the book and was excited to get to part 2.

Book 2: Catching Fire

Bummer...what a let down from the first book.  I actually became quite annoyed with the characters.  Katniss became particularly whiny...and Peeta was incredibly irritating.  The story has it's moments, and is a tolerable read...but the characters seem to move fantastic as they were, as much as you cheered for them...this go round...I was almost cheering against them!  I will say there were many times I stopped reading to ponder whether or not these were the same people from the first book!  However, as irritating as the characters were, the writing was still quite wonderful, and it was easy to picture many of the scenes.  I was not a huge fan of the ending, but the last few chapters were some of the better parts of the book but the ending felt forced and rushed...and then it was on to part 3.

Book 3: Mockingjay

I will be perfectly honest here...this book made me mad!  I just can't say that enough.  While there are moments of the story that are reminiscent of the great story of the first the end...all they were were just flashes of the original.  The writing is still very good, and there are bits and pieces that do make you think and wonder about how it's going to end...once I arrived at the ending...I felt a bit robbed.  If this was the ending the author originally intended...then at least make it feel that way...the final chapters again felt forced and rushed as if there was a deadline looming and the words just had to be put on pages.  Very disappointed.


I did enjoy reading these books...and after the initial investment in the characters, I had to see how it all finished.  I was most disappointed because it started out so well...but finished poorly.  It's quite funny as my hubby told me that he felt the books got progressively better...but for me, the first book was the only truly good book of the trilogy.  To each their own!

Well that's my bit of a rave and a bit of a rant; I may do  more of these book reviews as I do spend a great deal of time reading, and I like to share my thoughts on books.  Disclaimer: everything mentioned here was my own opinion, not intended to be disparaging in any way towards the author or anyone who has a different opinion of these books.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

FF#93...where my GIRLS at???

quick post...happy to share with you the latest Fashionista Friday from the Shoe!  Real quick like...we are sponsored this week by Kenny K Downloads...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kenny K images!  Here is my contribution:

Oh yeah...2 samples for this week!  This is HOW MUCH I love these images!  So go to the Shoe...check out the fabulous theme...and play along with us!

Supplies: Images - Kenny K; Masks - Tim Holtz; Ink - Copic, Distress Inks - Rusty Hinge, Broken China, Walnut Stain, Crushed Olive, Black Soot, Memento Tuxedo black, Ranger archival in Black and Coffee; Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze in Cowboy; Spica - Chocolate, Turquoise, Silver, Gold; sentiments - Sea Side Stampin; Ranger Alcohol mixatives in Gold; Stampn'Stuff clear embossing powder

Friday, September 30, 2011

FF#92...Inspiration on WCMD!

Happy Friday all!  (Wow...2 posts in one day...I may be setting a personal best for this year for myself!  LOL!)  Just a quick post to remind you that tomorrow is

and over at the Shoe we have a fab inspiration challenge running for FF#92!  Here is my card:

I'm hoping to get some more crafty stuff done tomorrow in honor of WCMD...but it's supposed to be sunny and 69 degrees...I may just have to put on a sweater and sit outside and enjoy this fab weather!!!  Later!

Supplies: Cardstock - Papertrey Ink; Image and Sentiment - Papertrey Ink; Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black and Copics; Ribbon - from my stash; Glitter - Martha Stewart Crafts

The Help...was amazing!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to go see the movie The Help (based on the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and let me tell you...WOW!  Do NOT go see this movie without packing some tissue!

I read the book a few months ago after seeing all of the previews and ads for the movie.  And I am so glad I read the book...what a stunning story.  The writing is amazing, the way it captures moments in history as a page of someone's every day's quite a beautifully written book.  I highly recommend that if you are interested in seeing the the book first!  It's a pretty quick read, because it is incredibly difficult to put the book down after starting, and you can't help but want to keep reading so that you can hear the stories, so that you can find out what happens to the amazing characters.  And I honestly think it's an IMPORTANT book to read...for just a small glimpse into a life that many of us are too young to have ever witnessed, or have lived.

The movie was just as good!  I was really surprised as many times movies do NOT live up to the expectations of a good book.  While there are some pieces that are cut out of the movie (at 2 hours in length, there wasn't a whole lot cut out, but it was...trimmed a bit), it does not negatively impact the story telling.  I would not be surprised (IMHO) if there aren't many Oscar nominations for this movie, in particular for Viola Davis who plays the main character/narrator of the story, her work was AMAZING. 

Well that's it for back later tonight with some new Shoe stuff.  But just had to take a minute and share my RAVE of the book and movie!

Friday, September 16, 2011

FF#91...Bejeweled Blue!

Happy Friday all!  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand and my SIL (well...she's BILs is she my SIL? anywho, that's how I refer to her as) and are are heading out to see The Help today!  I read the book a few weeks ago...and I've been so looking forward to seeing the movie...glad that SIL wanted to see it too!

Actual reason for this post...there's a WHOLE LOT going on over at the Shoe today! We've got the Top 3 and Shoe of the Week from FF#90, we've got our random prize winner announced, oh...there is of course a NEW FF going on...did I forget something?  OH...almost forgot about the Fall/Winter 2011 DT Call!  That has opened up today and we will be accepting applications until Sept. 30th.  So you definitely need to drop by the Shoe and read up on all the details!

And now...FF#91!  For this challenge we want to see how Sapphires (September's birthstone) inspire you!  Here is my sample:

Ok...let's be honest...this looked a lot better when I first pictured it in my head...oh well!  My daughter will love it I'm sure (there is BLING...of course she will love it!).

Off to the movies...catch you later!

Supplies: Cardstock - Papertrey Ink, American Crafts; Sentiment - Verve stamps; Ink - CTMH Moonstruck; Bling - Studio 18; Cuttlebug Embossing Folder - Damask

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun and Games

as stressful and challenging as my job can all breaks down to just some good old fashioned fun!

Every year my company hosts a United Way Carnival...all proceeds raised at the Carnival go directly to the United Way.  The Carnival is one of those events...that no matter WANT to be at work that day  for (even when you have worked yourself ragged as part of the UW prep team...and thankfully I am not one of those people!).

The most anticipated parts of the Carnival...the site-wide COOK-OFF!!!  Teams from different groups within the company form up...decide on their menu...and the morning of the cook off...let the GAMES begin!  (actually let the competition is VERY fierce!).  Here is an early morning pic of 8 of the 12 teams getting set up and running:

I'm part of the OPS/Training team and here is our booth this year:

We had an excellent addition to the team this year...his marinade for our Chicken and Shrimp skewers was to die for!  Here he is peeling shrimp while another team member skewers the chicken:

and here is some of the other most fabulous members of the team (from left to right: Queen Decorator, Grand Duchess of Sales, and the Marinade King.  I was taking the pic so I'm not in it...but I do refer to myself as the Mistress of the Grill):

oh...besides the food, we do have some fun games set the Royal is our Team Handyman facing down the Director of our department:

and here is the director after getting soaked! (not the last time either!):

and even better...this year...the OPS/Training team...took home the title of: Top DOG!  Our food was the overwhelming pick of the food judges!  WOOHOO!  (planning has already begun for next year's menu!  We have a title to defend now!)

Here's hoping you have an absolutely FABULOUS day!  (I know mine was!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 a## is fat


  • you get tired
  • life gets in the way of having fun
  • you don't understand the decisions people make
  • you get tired
  • you get bored
  • others decide for you what is going to happen next (a.k.a CHILDREN!)
  • you dwell upon things you wish you did not
  • you get tired
  • you re-prioritize and things get left off the list
  • you grow up and realize reality is harsh
  • you just don't know what to do
and get just plain TIRED!  

such is is a many splendored thing!  sometimes good things happen and you don't even try...sometimes bad things happen...and you weren't even PMSing that week! (I know I am not alone in this!!!!).  And sometimes...things just happen for a reason...and those are the hardest to accept...but the ones most right for you.

This part will concern only one person...who cares if I dreamt you said my a## was fat?  (some days it is...and that REALLY sucks) the TRUTH chose to believe and rely in people you met only through social networking, knew very little about them to TRUST...and not much (if any) face to face...and threw away 11 years of friendship...actually...sistership (maybe that should be sisterhood...who knows).  That was your choice.  Did it hurt me...yes.  But that was your choice...I cannot be responsible for your own it.  Does it suck...sometimes...but I have grown...have some amazing friends...and I am ok.  I miss the "sister" I used to have...but have realized quite a few things.  That person didn't care about our relationship, otherwise...well...we'd still be friends.  Don't think I'm bitter...actually...I'm ok...a bit sad sometimes...but ok.  I still think you are a good person...think you WERE a great friend...but think if you truly cared about those 11 years...well...would we be here now? email addy is the # might be (switched idea anymore what # you used to have)...but if you want to talk...hell...why not...we were once sisters (ish).

to everyone else...sorry didn't mean to blab so much to just one person...but's what you got to do....


Friday, September 2, 2011

FF#90...let's all head BACK TO SCHOOL!

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I'm THRILLED the weekend is here!  And a LONG weekend at that!  Even Mommy is coming to visit me tomorrow (yes...I'm in my 30's and I still refer to my Mother as Mommy (and sometimes MU-THER!)).  But before tomorrow's time to share the new Fashionista Friday challenge with you!  For this challenge...we have chosen the theme BACK TO SCHOOL!  And my kiddo totally inspired it!  We've been having a lot of conversations lately about what is "cool" and what is "so not cool."  I apparently follow into the latter here is my child inspired card:

But wait...not only is it a brand new challenge, it's a SPONSORED challenge!  Whiff of Joy stamps has a fab prize available to one randomly selected entry in the FF#90 challenge!  So head on over and share your art!

Ingredients: Paper - Stampin Up; Cardstock - Papertrey Ink and American Crafts; Image - MJ Henry by Whiff of Joy stamps; Ink - Copic; Glitter - CTMH

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Peachy...Part Two we left off from Part One with our Peach Stores looking like this:

So we decided to make some Barbecue Sauce...Zesty PEACH Barbecue Sauce!  And this is where I realized how much the mind overestimates quantities.  Started out getting the peaches peeled and pitted and then into the food processor to get a fine chop on them:

That's about 2-3 peaches...and once chopped was a good 1/3 of what I needed for the recipe...definitely not going to use near as many peaches as I thought to get this sauce made!

And then they went into the pot with some other veggies and garlic to get the base of the sauce going:

Got it all cooked down and it was time to can:

And after processing...I now have 7 lovely jars of sauce!

and after a batch of Peach Butter and now a batch of is what the peaches remaining looks like:

Egads!  It almost looks like we haven't touched them!  Off to get to work on the next!  See you later for Part 3!

Zesty Peach barbecue Sauce Recipe from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

Just Peachy...Part One

Hope ya'll have had a great weekend...and I sincerely hope those of you affected by Hurricane Irene are doing well this morning!

Just wanted to share with you a hobby I recently picked up...not sure if it's actually a "hobby"...but that title will have to do for now!  A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at canning (you  Not sure where the motivation came from exactly...but I wanted to give it a go...and let me tell you...I really enjoy the whole process!  And it's getting me out and about a little more...spent the past two weekends visiting the Farmer's Market perusing all the lovely fresh, local produce!  It's led to a few weekends worth of canning, but lots of goodies to enjoy both know and later!

This weekend we picked up some peaches:

(quite a bit of peaches huh?  more on that later).

We got home and quickly got to work on a batch of Peach Butter...thankfully hubby is very helpful in the kitchen peeling and fetching and is the Peach Butter in the early stages:


and an hour or two and a trip through the food processor later:

and it went back on the stove for another 45 minutes or so...

and now...

TA-DA!  (and there are actually like 7 jars of peach butter...I didn't do all that work for just 1 jar!  LOL!)

and now back to this pic:

that's how many peaches are left over AFTER the batch of Peach Butter was made!  So we will be canning a bit more stuff today...I'll share those with you in Part Two!

Peach Butter Recipe from Well Preserved : Third Edition: Small Batch Preserving for the New Cook by Mary Anne Dragan

Friday, August 19, 2011

FF#89...Welcome to the JUNGLE!

Happy Friday!  Life has taken a few interesting turns this week...but thankfully silly season has just about ended...well it has actually come to an end...all that's left is the post-silly season clean up and not going to be fun!  OH WELL!  I'm just so happy we've moved into the post-season!  Anywho!  Post today is to share my sample for this week's Fashionista Friday (FF#89) challenge...and this week we've gone wild...with a JUNGLE theme!  Here is my card:

It came together quick and easy (and yes...I know the twine is's TWINE!  does not lend itself to easy adherance!).  heehee!

Have a great Friday evening!

Supplies: Image and sentiment - Close to My Heart; paper - Papertrey Ink; Cardstock - papertrey Ink; Ink - Ranger Archival in Coffee, Copic; Twine - The Twinery

Saturday, August 6, 2011

FF#88...shades of GREEN!

So, it's been awhile since I posted something creative...and man it feels good to be doing so!  Doing much better than I was a week or so ago.  Life is good!

Today's post is to let you know about this week's Fashionista Friday challenge at the Shoe!  For FF#88...we want to see your Green!  For this challenge we also have a sponsor, Layers of Color.  I was lucky this week to be able to play with their Silk Moth image.  Let me tell you...GORGEOUS!  Here is what I created:

Had a lot of fun digging out the inks and some grunge...and playing with some Clearly for Art!  Off to get creative with the sewing machine!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Supplies: Base - grungebook; Image - Layers of Color Silk Moth; Clearly for Art; alphas - Maya Road; Distress ink - Broken China, Shabby Shutters, Rusty Hinge, Tumbled Glass, Brushed Corduroy; Distress Stains - Peeled Paint, Broken China, Vintage Photo; Adirondack Paint Dabber - Gold; Pearfect Pearls Mists - Heirloom Gold; bling and flowers - Prima

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011...kinda sucks

yep, it's true...2011 kinda sucks.  i would like to consider myself a "flies by the seat of her pants" kinda gal...but that was honestly so five years ago...i like things to remain the way they are...for the most part...i want my house to change (dear molding...some paint...finally finish the get the idea)...but the rest of my life...not so hot on the change thing...unfortunately i need it to change...or the rest of 2011 will pretty much suck.

i was blog-hopping this evening...and looked at my own blog and said hmmm...i should update this...but with what?  i haven't crafted...scrapped...stamped...painted a dang thing in weeks...i haven't sewn can't even do a post directing you to my other blog to show you that i have been actively engaged...then what?

so i figured i'd go with honesty...and honestly...2011 far...

there are long long stories about different things that have been just i'll stick to the short version...

my once upon a time best close it was like she was my sister...decided i was mean to her and wasn't her friend and now...we aren't.  this sucks on so many levels...this was the person i would call just because...but there is no point mucking about with the hubby said something very intelligent (don't tell him i said that) when his response to the situation was...oh well, if they can't take a joke, can't trust 12 years of friendship...then f*ck's harder to let go then that...but there are truth in his words

i will say that i still have some pretty amazing friends...who mean the world to me...and i wish i had more time these days to talk to might make it all a little easier

work has pretty much sucked...i'm doing well...actually i think i'm doing great...but i focus on my own mistakes way too much...and they are really not that big a deal half the time...but i want to be the best i can at what i the mistakes hold me back a bit (truthfully...they have me doubting myself A LOT)

silly season (see previous posts if that term throws you off) has REALLY has reached suckage of unparalleled levels...(still talking work here) the point that i almost felt the need to check myself in to the local nut house...seriously...i was smacked with a deep depression and major stress and panic attacks that brought me to my knees....i cry if someone says the dreaded words "change" or "cancel" (this happened yesterday) and deserves it's own new iteration of "suck"....but i'm not that talented these days to come up with one...

and then there is the home...

this part hasn't really sucked...i have the best hubby in the world...he's tried his darndest to make it all good for me...


i will honestly admit...i will so not win a parent of the year award here...but the kid is still breathing...healthy (pizza covers all the food groups)...all limbs intact...and still speaking to me despite i'll call it a win...because i really need one

so...tonight i pray for a few things...selfish things...

to not have crazy dreams of people yelling at me (too many times to count)...or randomly calling other people in front of me to tell them i have a really fat ass (had this one last night...and it was former it was REALLY messing with my head this morning) and yes i know my rear end is big...but it's bugger off

for friends of mine that are struggling way more than me tonight...who need strength, compassion and love...and a shoulder to cry on (which will always be there...i'm not that mean after all)

for peace of that i can face tomorrow and whatever challenges it offers with renewed energy

for my family...for having to deal with me so far this year

and for friends lost...who need a little love just because they are human...and still a friend deep down

for the end of silly season...because i need my sanity back...or they might fire me for when i got completely apepoop

and for anyone else out there who feel their 2011 has pretty much sucked

maybe it will all work out (i did laugh today...that's always a good thing)


Friday, July 15, 2011

FF#86 and my vacation!

Happy happy Friday!  Lots to tell you about today!  First...FF#86 is posted over at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap it!  You definitely should drop in and check out the goings on!  This week's challenge over there is excellent!  I'm hoping to finally finish my sample for it at some point today...but we'll see.  I would have worked on it last week...but I actually took a bit of a vacation!

Hubby and I flew out last Friday to Denver, Colorado!  We'd never been and a very good, old friend was getting he and I took a mini-vacay!

Let me tell you...GORGEOUS!  The wedding was in Colorado Springs, so we drove from Denver to Colorado Springs (very easy drive!) and once we arrived...WOW...the scenery was so amazing!  On Friday we hit Garden of the Gods:

and on Saturday, prior to the wedding, we drove up to the summit (14, 110 feet) of Pike's Peak:

You seriously feel like you are on top of the world!  Not to mention the air is a tiny bit thin...and we both got a little light headed...but quickly recovered!

We even saw Bigfoot!

After the drive back down, we stopped by the Cliff Dwellings:

and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding (which was quite beautiful and we had an amazing time!).

Sunday we drove back to Denver, hopped back on the plane and headed home!

It was a very short trip, but Hubs and I had an amazing time, and it was just what we needed to recharge and get ready for the next few weeks at work!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FF#85 and other stuff

hello all!  long time no real chat...just a quick post here or there to say that I'm alive...and while I am physically...mentally I'm having some issues (outside of my normal issues of course!  LOL!).  But to tell you about the Fab (post) 4th of July Patriotic challenge going on over at the Shoe!  We have a fab sponsor (Digi's With Attitude) and bit of a plug for a group that would love to receive some homemade cards!  (Check out the full post at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It!  to get all the deets!  and to check out the beautiful samples created by our DT!

and then the other being in the military had it's stressful moments...but dadgum it...I'm starting to think my civilian job may just have blown all my stress from my military life out of the water!  As silly season continues at work...I'm rapidly approaching my wits end...and while my biggest stress relief lately has been sewing (see here and here), it's been for short bursts at a time, and has honestly left me even more exhausted.

Hoping to see a break in the clouds before too long...and definitely have an amazing weekend coming up (more about that next week), but for now...just trying to make it from one day to the next!

Hugs to all...hope to catch up real soon and get back to working and playing in equal amounts of time!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still alive and FF#84

Hey all, I'm still alive and kicking (at least last time I checked!).  Been uber busy with work's "silly season" so I only have time for a quick post to let you know that Fashionista Friday #84 War of the ROSES challenge is going on, so make sure you drop in, check out the fabulous DT inspiration pieces and play along with us! 

Hopefully I'll have some free time this weekend to actually get some crafting poor brain and my stress levels definitely need the peace that comes with getting inky!

Friday, June 17, 2011

FF#83...for the MEN!

Happy Friday! one fall out of their chairs or anything...or gasp too loudly in shock...but I have actually got a project of my own to show you today for this week's Fashionista Friday challenge!  Was able to spend some time scrapping the past day or so and managed to create (and this might really be the shocker) a LO for you to see!  This week's challenge (FF#83) at the Shoe is to create a Masculine themed project!  Woohoo!  Here is my sample:

and a close up to show you some of the different bits and the background paper):

Had a lot of fun working with the different elements in this LO.  I used some Tim Holtz Kraft Resist and it is DELIGHTFUL!  I inked it up, splashed some Adirondack color wash on it, and all worked out (and nothing soaked through the back, good sturdy kraft here)! Ok...lots of plans for me and the hubby today, so I'll catch you later!

Supplies: Paper - Tim Holtz Kraft Resist and Crowded Attic from idea-ology; Distress Ink - Frayed Burlap, Walnut Stain, Rusty Hinge; Distress Stains - Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain; Grungeboard and Gadget Gears die cut from Sizzix Alterations; Grunge alpha's; small alpha's from Maya Road;  Adirondack color wash in Espresso; Adirondack paint dabber in Juniper and Gold; Perfect Pearls Mists in Heirloom Gold; Ruler Ribbon, Type Charms and Game Spinner by Tim Holtz from idea-ology

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FF#82 and Silly Season

Silly season is in full swing here at my house!  We don't know if we are coming or going...but if we are at least moving...then hey...we're doing good!  I am so looking forward to the end of this season (hopefully mid-August!) so that I can get back to crafting part time.  I have been sewing, but in limited amounts, and every project is taking me at least five times longer than before!  My scrap desk is covered with "ideas" of projects, and supplies to start them with...but that is all for now.  Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have caught my breath a little, I'll know which way I'm going, and maybe get something actually scrapped!  Anywho...main reason for this post is to let you all know about the latest Fashionista Friday challenge (FF#82) going on at the Shoe!  This week's challenge is to use pearls!  any size, shape, got it!  I happen to have a nice little collection of pearls waiting in my scrap room:

the entire bin is full of nothing but pearly day...enough with my pity party!

This week the Shoe is also sponsored by Digi's With Attitude!  So drop in, say hi for me, and play along!  And's definitely time for me to get going...

Friday, June 3, 2011

FF#81...Try out the Tut!

FF#81 has been posted over at the Shoe!  There is a fabulous tutorial, some fantastic samples, AND, a chance for a prize!  So head over and check it out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papertrey Ink May Blog Hop!

This month the challenge for the Papertrey Ink blog hop was to use FLOWERS!  Woohoo!  I'm so excited to actually get to play this month, (and very happy to say that I have made the transition to night shift and am no longer a walking zombie!).  Click on the blog hop image above and you can follow along with the hop or even play along too! I created two pieces for this month's hop, using my most recent PTI order!

The first is a seed packet/gift card holder.  As the school year is coming to a close, I think this will be perfect for my daughter's teacher.  Just a little reminder of seeds she has sewn this year!

The second is a button card with a fabric flower decoration.  I used some fabric scraps from my quilting stash and the Tattered Florals die from Tim Holtz to create a little layered flower.  This  could be used as a decorative element on a card, hanging in a sewing area, on a scrapbook idea yet what I'm really going to do with it yet!

Well, thanks for looking!  Off to get ready for work, hope to hop along myself on breaks!

Seed Packet: Stamps - Papertrey Ink: Garden Variety, Year of Flowers Collection, Year of Flowers Violets; Ink - CTMH: Chocolate, Olive, Desert Sand; Memento Tuxedo Black; Copic; Antique Linen Distress Ink; Die cuts - Papertrey Ink Seed Packet and Seed Packet Frame

Button Card: Stamps - Papertrey Ink: Button Boutique; Ink -  Ranger Archival Sepia, Antique Linen Distress Ink; Die cuts - Tattered Florals by Tim Holtz; Pin - CTMH Pretty Pins; Fabric - Fig Tree Quilts; Ribbon - Tim Holtz idea-ology

Monday, May 23, 2011

on a Monday

I should be asleep right now...I will be working nights the next week or so, and I really should be asleep right now.  But I'm not.  So I decided to make something.  I received my most recent order from Papertrey Ink on Saturday, and I was really looking forward to working with the goodies.  And that was a great plan, until I got onto Pinterest and random web surfing, and then...when I REALLY REALLY should be asleep, I said...let me get one card done.  So I looked about at what was going on with Monday challenges, and two really got to me.  The first, Papertrey Ink Make it Monday #16: Sympathy Cards.  NOT my thing. I always feel that I'm borrowing trouble when I have sympathy cards just sitting around.  So I passed on that one...for a moment at least.  Then I went to check out the latest installment of Grungy Monday (GM08) at Studio L3 using this Tim Holtz technique.  I was VERY interested.  As I was searching for stamps to use and pulling out the Adirondack inks, I got word that a co-worker lost his Mother yesterday.  And then, I needed a Sympathy card.  Here it is:

So now I'm off to try and catch a little sleep and say a prayer for a friend.  night!

Supplies: Stamps - Papertrey Ink (Through the Trees, Botanical Silhouettes); Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black, Adirondack Dye Inks (Stonewashed, Cranberry, Terra Cotta, Butterscotch); Paper - Papertrey Ink Stampers Select and American Crafts (Black)

Friday, May 20, 2011

FF#80...just beCAuSe

TGIF!!!  So happy it's the weekend!  It will be a busy one at my house, kiddo and I are headed up to Charlotte for the All Star race with a large group of people, so it will be a ton of fun!  Anywho...the point of this post today is to let you know about the latest and greatest Fashionista Friday (FF#80) at If the Shoe fits...Scrap it!  This week we are looking to see your CAS (clean and simple) inspired creations!  Here is a card set I created for the challenge:

I run out of basic cards so fast!  Usually need something quick and at the last minute that is pretty generic.  These could be used as a Thank You card, a Thinking of You card, etc.  Love the stamps I used for this one, picked them up back in February at the Stamp Scrap Art Tour when it came through Columbia.  Alrighty then...that's all I got for now...catch you later!

Supplies: all stamps - Darcie's; Ink - Memento Tuxedo Black; Cardstock - PTI Stamper's Select and American Crafts

Sunday, May 15, 2011

crafty in the kitchen

as lately I have been way less than paper-crafty...figured I'd at least share my kitchen adventures from today!  We are headed to a cookout with friends this afternoon, and I went with the option to bring a dessert (way easier than figuring out a side dish that everyone would like...who doesn't like dessert??).  I wanted to bring something that showed I at least tried...and I had a vague memory of seeing pictures of some gorgeous Red Velvet brownies I hit up google and BAM!  there they were!  I used this recipe I found at Sweet Pea's Kitchen.  And here they are (ignore the spots where i jabbed a fork in the brownies to make sure they were done!  Pics were taken as soon as I removed the divider pan, which is about 3 mins after coming out of oven):

I have to admit that we own a Perfect Brownie pan (one of those as seen on TV things).  It's a pain in the rear end to clean up, and the bottom panel leaks while baking...but it does give you 18 perfectly sized brownies (small enough they can be held in one hand and munched on, but not too big that you need a plate or feel like a glutton).  I ended up making two pans just to be sure I had enough.  I'm also going to throw in a regular pan of plain chocolate brownies for those that aren't big on cheesecake (which I find so difficult to imagine!). to finish up the brownies and get ready to head out!  Oh last close up pic...try not to drool on your computer!

Random ramblings

In the wee hours of Sunday morning as I watch Harry Potter and battle insomnia!

Just placed a random stamp order with Papertreyink Ink their May release was too tempting and since I happened to be awake and online at the time of their stamp release, figured why not? Their website is definitely NoT one of my faves to order from, always have to fight with it...but eventually did get the order placed. Now we'll just wait and see how long it takes to actually get stamps in hand!

Speaking of online ordering...about three years ago I happened to get my random...from this fab salon in Virginia (they were the first place I could get an appointment with that day) that used the most amazing hair products...and too this day...they are pretty much the only products I use on my hair. I order a few times of year from Cibu International. Let me clarify...I order my shampoo and conditioner a few times a year (and hairspray) but the remaining styling products I only order maybe once a year...their stuff lasts forever because you only need a small amount! (let me add I have never received anything from Cibu to give a favorable review...this is all from my own experience over the past three years). I placed my most recent order on arrived Saturday afternoon...and I'm so thrilled!

And more online shopping bit for you...Fat Quarter Shop is the place to buy fabric online! I try my best to get everything from local shops...but if I want the most recent fabric releases...and quickly...that's where I shop.

Lastly...damn Harry Potter...I am so looking forward to seeing the final movie...but at the same time...I hate that the story has to end. I read all of the books...and was terribly sad to read the final pages...but had the movies to look forward to...and it's almost time for those to end. Oh well...what shall come next? (thank goodness a new season of True Blood is starting soon!)

Any who...enough randomness from me tonight...catch ya later!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

FF#79...with a Primary splash! happy it's Saturday!  and so sorry that the latest Fashionista Friday challenge at If the Shoe fits wasn't up until today!  The absence of Blogger was heavily noted here at my house!  (May have even involved some yelling at computer screens...but that's neither here nor there).  This week, we at the Shoe, are asking to see your Black and White with a Primary splash creations!  You definitely need to drop in and check out the Fab DT work!  Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, May 6, 2011

FF#78 some Emerald inspiration!

Who doesn't love some emeralds?  Beautiful gems...amazing variations of green...and woohoo...they look gorgeous in a setting!  Heehee!  This week's Fashionista Friday at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap it!  is inspired by Emeralds!  We are challenging you to use some green!  Even better...this week's challenge is sponsored by Mo's Digital Pencil!  Mo's is offering a $15 gift coupon to one random entry!  I'm so jealous!  I adore Mo Manning's images!  Here is the sample I created for this week's challenge using the Windowbox image:

Take a few minutes, drop by the Shoe, check out the lovely creations from our DT, and consider entering in our FF#78 challenge!

Supplies: Image - Windowbox by Mo's Digital Pencil; Ink - Copic; Cardstock - Papertrey Ink and Bazzil; Pearls - Queen&Co; Ribbon - from my stash; Diamond Stickles