Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Peachy...Part One

Hope ya'll have had a great weekend...and I sincerely hope those of you affected by Hurricane Irene are doing well this morning!

Just wanted to share with you a hobby I recently picked up...not sure if it's actually a "hobby"...but that title will have to do for now!  A few weeks ago I decided to try my hand at canning (you  Not sure where the motivation came from exactly...but I wanted to give it a go...and let me tell you...I really enjoy the whole process!  And it's getting me out and about a little more...spent the past two weekends visiting the Farmer's Market perusing all the lovely fresh, local produce!  It's led to a few weekends worth of canning, but lots of goodies to enjoy both know and later!

This weekend we picked up some peaches:

(quite a bit of peaches huh?  more on that later).

We got home and quickly got to work on a batch of Peach Butter...thankfully hubby is very helpful in the kitchen peeling and fetching and is the Peach Butter in the early stages:


and an hour or two and a trip through the food processor later:

and it went back on the stove for another 45 minutes or so...

and now...

TA-DA!  (and there are actually like 7 jars of peach butter...I didn't do all that work for just 1 jar!  LOL!)

and now back to this pic:

that's how many peaches are left over AFTER the batch of Peach Butter was made!  So we will be canning a bit more stuff today...I'll share those with you in Part Two!

Peach Butter Recipe from Well Preserved : Third Edition: Small Batch Preserving for the New Cook by Mary Anne Dragan

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  1. Yummy.... it looks so good!!! I love peaches!