Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011...kinda sucks

yep, it's true...2011 kinda sucks.  i would like to consider myself a "flies by the seat of her pants" kinda gal...but that was honestly so five years ago...i like things to remain the way they are...for the most part...i want my house to change (dear molding...some paint...finally finish the get the idea)...but the rest of my life...not so hot on the change thing...unfortunately i need it to change...or the rest of 2011 will pretty much suck.

i was blog-hopping this evening...and looked at my own blog and said hmmm...i should update this...but with what?  i haven't crafted...scrapped...stamped...painted a dang thing in weeks...i haven't sewn can't even do a post directing you to my other blog to show you that i have been actively engaged...then what?

so i figured i'd go with honesty...and honestly...2011 far...

there are long long stories about different things that have been just i'll stick to the short version...

my once upon a time best close it was like she was my sister...decided i was mean to her and wasn't her friend and now...we aren't.  this sucks on so many levels...this was the person i would call just because...but there is no point mucking about with the hubby said something very intelligent (don't tell him i said that) when his response to the situation was...oh well, if they can't take a joke, can't trust 12 years of friendship...then f*ck's harder to let go then that...but there are truth in his words

i will say that i still have some pretty amazing friends...who mean the world to me...and i wish i had more time these days to talk to might make it all a little easier

work has pretty much sucked...i'm doing well...actually i think i'm doing great...but i focus on my own mistakes way too much...and they are really not that big a deal half the time...but i want to be the best i can at what i the mistakes hold me back a bit (truthfully...they have me doubting myself A LOT)

silly season (see previous posts if that term throws you off) has REALLY has reached suckage of unparalleled levels...(still talking work here) the point that i almost felt the need to check myself in to the local nut house...seriously...i was smacked with a deep depression and major stress and panic attacks that brought me to my knees....i cry if someone says the dreaded words "change" or "cancel" (this happened yesterday) and deserves it's own new iteration of "suck"....but i'm not that talented these days to come up with one...

and then there is the home...

this part hasn't really sucked...i have the best hubby in the world...he's tried his darndest to make it all good for me...


i will honestly admit...i will so not win a parent of the year award here...but the kid is still breathing...healthy (pizza covers all the food groups)...all limbs intact...and still speaking to me despite i'll call it a win...because i really need one

so...tonight i pray for a few things...selfish things...

to not have crazy dreams of people yelling at me (too many times to count)...or randomly calling other people in front of me to tell them i have a really fat ass (had this one last night...and it was former it was REALLY messing with my head this morning) and yes i know my rear end is big...but it's bugger off

for friends of mine that are struggling way more than me tonight...who need strength, compassion and love...and a shoulder to cry on (which will always be there...i'm not that mean after all)

for peace of that i can face tomorrow and whatever challenges it offers with renewed energy

for my family...for having to deal with me so far this year

and for friends lost...who need a little love just because they are human...and still a friend deep down

for the end of silly season...because i need my sanity back...or they might fire me for when i got completely apepoop

and for anyone else out there who feel their 2011 has pretty much sucked

maybe it will all work out (i did laugh today...that's always a good thing)


Friday, July 15, 2011

FF#86 and my vacation!

Happy happy Friday!  Lots to tell you about today!  First...FF#86 is posted over at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap it!  You definitely should drop in and check out the goings on!  This week's challenge over there is excellent!  I'm hoping to finally finish my sample for it at some point today...but we'll see.  I would have worked on it last week...but I actually took a bit of a vacation!

Hubby and I flew out last Friday to Denver, Colorado!  We'd never been and a very good, old friend was getting he and I took a mini-vacay!

Let me tell you...GORGEOUS!  The wedding was in Colorado Springs, so we drove from Denver to Colorado Springs (very easy drive!) and once we arrived...WOW...the scenery was so amazing!  On Friday we hit Garden of the Gods:

and on Saturday, prior to the wedding, we drove up to the summit (14, 110 feet) of Pike's Peak:

You seriously feel like you are on top of the world!  Not to mention the air is a tiny bit thin...and we both got a little light headed...but quickly recovered!

We even saw Bigfoot!

After the drive back down, we stopped by the Cliff Dwellings:

and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding (which was quite beautiful and we had an amazing time!).

Sunday we drove back to Denver, hopped back on the plane and headed home!

It was a very short trip, but Hubs and I had an amazing time, and it was just what we needed to recharge and get ready for the next few weeks at work!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FF#85 and other stuff

hello all!  long time no real chat...just a quick post here or there to say that I'm alive...and while I am physically...mentally I'm having some issues (outside of my normal issues of course!  LOL!).  But to tell you about the Fab (post) 4th of July Patriotic challenge going on over at the Shoe!  We have a fab sponsor (Digi's With Attitude) and bit of a plug for a group that would love to receive some homemade cards!  (Check out the full post at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It!  to get all the deets!  and to check out the beautiful samples created by our DT!

and then the other being in the military had it's stressful moments...but dadgum it...I'm starting to think my civilian job may just have blown all my stress from my military life out of the water!  As silly season continues at work...I'm rapidly approaching my wits end...and while my biggest stress relief lately has been sewing (see here and here), it's been for short bursts at a time, and has honestly left me even more exhausted.

Hoping to see a break in the clouds before too long...and definitely have an amazing weekend coming up (more about that next week), but for now...just trying to make it from one day to the next!

Hugs to all...hope to catch up real soon and get back to working and playing in equal amounts of time!