Friday, April 30, 2010

know a good therapist???

in the past three weeks i honestly feel as though i have aged a decade...due to some familial issues i have been so tied up and torn up and worn out by those things that are at times beyond our individual control.  i won't go in to too much detail...if you know me that know what has been going i'll leave it at that.  i will say that i actually (and this is BEYOND RARE for me) took today off from work...not something i ever really do...but i just needed a day off!  so yesterday (thursday) i looked at my boss and said i'm taking PTO tomorrow (friday)...thankfully i work for the best boss in the world...all he said was ok...see ya monday, have a good weekend!  and today i had a great day...because i did almost NOTHING!  a little shopping...but seriously MINOR shopping!  i have not really been crafty for a few weeks...feels like months...but today...i was starting to feel the ooomph again!  i have zero real plans for this hopefully without putting any pressure on myself...i will get something done creatively...get a little crafty...and actually post something scrappy-related this weekend!  if not...oh well...just feel the need to get in touch with my laid back side!  LOL!

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