Saturday, February 26, 2011

OH MY WORD!'s been a crazy stressful week...but popped into my insane days have been moments of awesomeness! a little background...I am the primary instructor for a group of folks going through initial training at work...we began the class in September...well this week was the last exam on Friday...and EVERYONE PASSED!  in my industry...passing is 85%...if you are less than's a "sort of" pass...they'll let you continue in the program most of the time...but they won't be thrilled.  Well I have spent the entire week prepping my class for the final exam...I was stressed!  I wanted to see all of them pass and do so with conviction!  Friday morning...THEY ALL PASSED!  And not just "sort of"...they all scored >85%!  I was THRILLED!  In between all of the prep and the worry...on Tuesday I checked in on my most favoritest stampy artists blog...THE Wendy find out I had won something SPECTACULAR!  Last weekend I visited Stamp Scrap Art Tour while it was in Columbia...and more than anything I wanted to get my hands on one particular item...well, it was too new...they didn't have it yet...but behold..two days later...I read this post...AND KAZAAAM!  I won the very item I was hoping for!  here is a pic:

They arrived this afternoon...and I'm so excited...and can't wait to get inky and stained and just PLAY!  ok...enough from to continue this super duper amazing weekend!  LATER!

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