Monday, November 21, 2011

busy and worn out

here is a conversation hubby and I had recently via telephone:

Me: Hey, I'm busy right now, no time to talk
Hubby: That's not very nice
Me: I'm sorry, I'm just really busy
Hubby: Whatcha doing?
Me: WORKING...doing my JOB
Hubby: well you don't have to get snippy

I apologized again and got off the phone.  Sometimes I wonder if he and I are on the same planet!  LOL!

But...that's been the story of my life the past few weeks...busy at work and at home.  I have several projects going on that I'm not able to share right now (some are gifts for others that might sometimes stop by here!).  It feels like I run non-stop all day and night...and weekends too...except for the moments I throw my hands it quits...and the kiddo and I go out to lunch or dinner...

Unfortunately all of this busyness has caused my memory to be a bit faulty...and I'm not entirely sure that it's just being busy to blame...some of it is just life moving on.

Saturday was the 13th anniversary of my father's death.  And none of us remembered.  Until late that evening.

The text messages went something like this between me and one of my sisters:

Sis: would dad pick Ole Miss or Miss St.
Me: I have no idea, was just wondering that
Sis: other Sis says Ole Miss and I agree
Me: I'd buy that
Sis: Me too
Sis: it was 13 years ago today
Me: I can't believe I forgot
Sis: I forgot too.  Until the Mississippi stuff

We conversed more via text about some stuff...including how odd it was that so many random things involving thoughts of my father had occurred during the week.  Kiddo had asked me to participate in a school project...they were collecting memoirs and writing some of their own, and part of the project was to have a family member write one.  One of the topics was death of a loved I wrote about when I received the red cross message informing me of my father's death.  After I wrote it, I spent a few minutes talking to kiddo about her grandfather and how he would have thought she was pretty cool.  I cried...she looked at me like I was cracked...and then life moved on.

At first I felt terrible that I had forgotten the date...but the more I think about it...the more I's ok. He's always with me...keeping an eye on me and my sisters and mom...

And I can't help but think he would be pretty proud of all of us and where we are in our lives.

So...needless to was a bit of an emotional weekend...and I'm a bit worn out.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to take a little breather here and there this weekend...of course if I can breathe after I stuff my face with turkey, potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce (and yeast rolls and pie and...well you get the idea)!

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