Thursday, March 17, 2011

long time no post...

It's been awhile since I posted...and as I was prepping the Shoe blog for tomorrow's challenge...realized maybe I should drop by my own blog and say hi!

First, a quick update about the's still a work in progress!  LOL!  But I do truly enjoy quilting, and have already purchased some material and have picked out a pattern for my next quilt!  I will say the one thing that is a bit difficult to get used the sheer number of hours that go into creating just a small part of the quilt!  With cards...well...gratification comes a little sooner!  LOL!  But I am really having fun with the process and can't wait to share some pics with you!  (But that's for another post!).

Now...I honestly have no idea what to really say about the current tragedy in Japan.  The images have been heartbreaking...the stories of survivors are unbelievable...and for the thousands missing and lives lost...I can only pray.  I sincerely offer my heartfelt prayers and thoughts to all the people of Japan.

and I must rant a little seems so shallow to do so in the light of current events...but in my heart I feel like I have to say something...if only for my own peace of mind.  The media coverage of the Nuclear crisis in Japan has been sickening.  I 100% understand the need to provide information to the public, and I would never want to stop that from happening.  But...there has been so much mis-information passed along by main stream media and many of our politicians.  PLEASE...PLEASE...if you don't know what you are talking about...SHUT UP!   I would not attempt to claim I am an expert...but I know enough to recognize the foolishness coming out of the mouths of so many proclaimed "experts".  I highly encourage all of you (well...anyone who actually reads this) who want to know what is happening in Japan, from truly educated sources,  I recommend the following websites:

and for general information about commercial nuclear plants in the United States, and the regulations governing the operation of those plants:

I apologize for such a grim posting...but it's what is in me right now.  I am very much looking forward to this weekend, and the opportunity to spend some time with my family.  Right now...that seems the most correct thing to do!

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