Monday, March 7, 2011

On a bit of a journey...

So..we have all faced burnout...or just an urge to try something new...either way it requires us to think outside of our box a bit... I am on a bit of a journey...trying something new and seeing where it takes me...

On Friday evening I decided I wanted to make a quilt...not entirely sure where the urge came from...but once it came knocking...I had no choice but to answer. The sad part is...I can't really even sew! My darling hubby knows much more about the use of a sewing machine than I. I took home ec as a freshman in high school many many moons ago...but that doesn't really carry over least for me.

Any who...I started Friday...picked out a pattern...purchased some yards of material...(which I have now learned was foolish! At least IMHO! There are fat quarters, charm packs and jelly rolls I could have purchased...and those are way more tasty sounding!). And most importantly...bought a beginner instruction book (the most important part!) and got started.

And I have found...I really enjoy it! I am so far from being "good" at this...but...lots to learn! I am actually feeling the same joy in the act of piecing together a quilt that I did when I first started stamping!

Never fear...lots of pictures and lots of funny stories to share...but once I get the quilt close (at least 75%) I'll do a grand post sharing pics of the journey! Just had to share a little bit about my step outside of the box...maybe it will encourage you to step a little outside of your own box!


  1. Way to try something new, good for you! Can't wait to see the pics.

  2. I always like trying something new! I'm sure your quilt will come out great! I would love to try my hand at crocheting. It would be neat to make my own crocheted flowers for scrapbooking and other crafts. Good luck and have fun with it!

  3. OMG , I can't wait to see. I better not hear that Justin did most of it either, lol!