Sunday, May 15, 2011

crafty in the kitchen

as lately I have been way less than paper-crafty...figured I'd at least share my kitchen adventures from today!  We are headed to a cookout with friends this afternoon, and I went with the option to bring a dessert (way easier than figuring out a side dish that everyone would like...who doesn't like dessert??).  I wanted to bring something that showed I at least tried...and I had a vague memory of seeing pictures of some gorgeous Red Velvet brownies I hit up google and BAM!  there they were!  I used this recipe I found at Sweet Pea's Kitchen.  And here they are (ignore the spots where i jabbed a fork in the brownies to make sure they were done!  Pics were taken as soon as I removed the divider pan, which is about 3 mins after coming out of oven):

I have to admit that we own a Perfect Brownie pan (one of those as seen on TV things).  It's a pain in the rear end to clean up, and the bottom panel leaks while baking...but it does give you 18 perfectly sized brownies (small enough they can be held in one hand and munched on, but not too big that you need a plate or feel like a glutton).  I ended up making two pans just to be sure I had enough.  I'm also going to throw in a regular pan of plain chocolate brownies for those that aren't big on cheesecake (which I find so difficult to imagine!). to finish up the brownies and get ready to head out!  Oh last close up pic...try not to drool on your computer!

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