Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart Apple (TV)

a.k.a...one of my absolute most favorite purchases ever (and it wasn't my idea!) next to my iPhone (still loving BTW!) (legal note...I am writing about my love for apple products because I want to...I was provided no monetary incentive, was not contacted by apple or anyone else for that matter...I'm sharing something I like and all opinions here are strictly my own!)

(pic via Instagram...I know I'm late to the Instagram party...can I just say...LOVE!)

So a few weeks ago for mine and Hubby's anniversary...he said he wanted Apple TV...so that's what he got for a gift...and I'm pretty sure I use it way more than he does!  It's a tiny little box that you hook up to your TV...and within minutes...you have access to all kinds of goodies (best if you have an iTunes account and allow Apple TV to talk to your computer...the incredibly simple directions will step you right through it!).  So...here is how it all works out for me pros vs. cons and such...

  1. I don't have to drag my iPod speakers all over the place...it stays next to my bed where it doubles as my alarm clock and I can listen to my entire iTunes library via my TV when I'm downstairs
  2. sound and picture quality is phenomenal...true HD (IMHO...I don't know a ton about that stuff)
  3. Cost (in a roundabout sort of way...initial startup cost is approx. $99 without tax and depending on if you need a new HDMI cable...certain movies and TV shows are cheaper via iTunes and this has pretty much eliminated our purchasing of TV shows and most movies on DVD...which could count as a storage pro as well!)  an example:  I wanted Season 1 of Downton Abbey...could not find it anywhere locally...online to order the DVDs was anywhere from 16.99 to 34.99...got it on iTunes (in HD) for 14.99...I was pretty happy!!!  and on a different note...watched all of season one and promptly purchased season 2 season pass!)
  4. Ease of use (takes almost nothing to set it up, and if you are familiar with iTunes...well, there you go)
  5. not limited to iTunes...can also utilize netflix (we dropped netflix as we were not happy with them for many reasons we won't talk about here, we've done the hulu thing too...but now we are just on iTunes...just pointing out there are other options available!)
  6. it's fun...you can use your iPad or iPod touch as a giant remote for it!  and it accesses anything you have on your iPad, so in theory you could play Angry Birds in full screen glory!
  1. Not all apps work with apple TV...in particular HBO to Go...this would have been a HUGE plus for us...but it's not currently configured (think it's the HD thing)...and I'm seriously hoping that it does eventually work with apple TV
  2. Not everything is on iTunes (SHOCKING I KNOW!)...we pay for HBO solely for one or two shows...shows we can't get on a season pass via iTunes...and are only available once the DVD version comes out...and at about the same price...definitely a negative...but not really anything that can be done about it...as one show we are completely addicted to...it's hard to wait a year for it to come out on dvd...so we're keeping hbo for now...
  3. minor connectivity issues...sometimes have to close and relaunch iTunes on my computer to get it to connect properly with apple TV (no idea why this happens...just randomly does)
All in all, I love apple TV...and I'm sure there are some other negatives out there about it...I haven't had too many problems...but I'll keep you updated!

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