Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ahhhh...the Holidays...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful post-Christmas weekend!  My house is a little hectic right now...we had a new addition just before Christmas...a Boxer puppy!  She is adorable...but quite the handful...middle of the night mad dash to get her outside before the next oopsie!  We are really happy to have her...even my precious Cookie seems to be taking the new add pretty well...

Anyways...I'm really looking forward to the next week...I was able to take the time off from work...and now that the Christmas hubbub has settled down a's time to get Scrapping!  I have so many pictures from the new puppy to the cookies we baked to the tree and of course, Christmas morning!  And I'm really excited to be taking a break from Christmas cards!  Valentine's day...LOOKOUT!  HEEHEEHEE! 

Hope all is well and more in the coming days!

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