Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Craft Room...

...that I spent almost 5 hours cleaning today...seriously...I was so fed up with it...that I just started cleaning...had some assistance from my most wonderful husband and pretty darn awesome kid...i won't embarass myself by telling you how much CRAP got hauled out of here...but let's just say that my daughter's class will be receiving lots of crafty stuff to play with!  of course...i did have some help from these two:


i don't have any pictures of how bad it was before the deep clean...but here is a general idea of how it looks now:

of course doing some cleaning revealed to my dear hubby what exactly my addictions are my CTMH stamps (and Studio 490 and TIm Holtz stamps):

and some more CTMH stamps:

my Verve stamps:

and some SU:

and then some of my other idea-ology:


and then there is my absolute fave diplay of the "Shimmer Shack":

yeah...67 different colors of stickles (gotta get a handle on that addiction)...not to mention the glimmer mist....and my latest being the Smooch paints...oh wait...don't let me forget the paper:

oh...and the ribbon:

top 5 drawers are all ribbon...bottom two are cricut bits and punches...and absolute most fave shelf in the room...

the stamps on it are pretty cool too!

Enjoy!  My New Year's keep the room at least somewhat presentable!


  1. so when are you coming to clean my room??? my room needs help too!!!!!!!!
    looks awesome, u did great!!!

  2. Holy Freaking Cow Lesley!! I want your room! And I thought I had a lot of addictions! What I love most about your room is all of the storage and organizational stuff you have. I adore the paper racks... where did you get them??

    And the Shimmer Rack rocks!! Hehe... you can never have enough Stickles or Glimmer Mist IMHO. :)

    All in all, I want to come scrap in your room. It rocks... I love it. So, when are you coming to organize mine?? LOL

  3. About this room can only dream of. What treasures! While I have not even your desktop ...