Monday, January 10, 2011


hello lovely bloggerville!  hope your day is a bit warmer than mine is shaping up to be!  went to sleep last night knowing winter weather was coming knocking...had this plan where i was going to make every effort to get to work at least for a few hours...woke up early...showered...was fixing hair...then hubby called the work line to see what road conditions were around the site...and no joke...they said snow covered and hazardous with expectation that situation would get worse, non-essential personnel (THAT's ME!) should seriously consider staying home and that anyone planning on coming in should make preparations to stay overnight at work.  that sealed the deal for me!  unfortunately this also meant that my hubby would be going in and probably not coming home (he's one of the ESSENTIAL type people)...I was on pins and needles (and highly caffeinated...i drank at least 2 cups of coffee as he was driving to work) waiting to hear from him that he had made it the 15 miles to work ok...and he did!!!!  THANK YOU LORD!  his report...roads are BAD...they had brined the roads near work...but all that did was make some slush that pretty much froze over.  so hopefully he stays warm at work today and tonight!  anywho...what does any good scrapper do when craziness like this happens...we take PICTURES!  woohoo!  here are a couple from this morning...I'll be taking pics throughout the day as this weather is only expected to get worse (long periods of freezing rain to follow this fluffy snow):

took this at about 5:50 this morning...blank area is where hubby's truck was parked:

took this one about poor car!!!!  you can also see that the concrete is completely covered again where our other vehicle was parked:

now...what to do long as we have power...laundry and dishes and charging all the electronics...and then of course some scrappy-dappy goodness!  stay warm and safe and off the roads if you can!  i'll be posting periodically more of a log than anything of what happens when true winter weather decides to come South!

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