Monday, April 25, 2011

internet-free and random facts from my hubby

I was out of town over the weekend, living an internet-free life for a few was nice!  I read, I relaxed, took a nap...and when I got home...immediately grabbed the iPad and away I went!  I hadn't looked at my email since Thursday evening...was uber excited to find out I'm now a member of Pinterest (not that long a wait which was pretty cool...haven't really pinned anything yet, but that will come later!).  I was very excited to have my own log in and now an opportunity to create my own pin boards!  Had to visit some websites that I usually get a daily "fix" from...and after a whirlwind 45 mins...decided as nice as it is to take a break from the world wide web...this is one gal that prefers to be "plugged-in" so-to-speak (actually I prefer wireless...but I don't think that's got anything to do with the point).  A few days of peace and quiet and no urge to surf the net is pretty nice...but I really do enjoy all of the different things the WWW has to offer! tie in with the above...have a random fact for ya straight from the hubby...and no idea if this is indeed a perhaps I should have just titled this post as stuff my hubby says...but anyways; get home last night and here is the conversation:

Hubby: PS3 network got hacked
Me: oh?  how do you know that?  (mentally all I'm thinking is...and I care why??)
Hubby: it's been down for 5 days
Me: how does that mean it was hacked? (mentally: wonder if we have any microwave popcorn)
Hubby: the guy posted YouTube videos of himself hacking it
Me: why would you want to hack PS3? (mentally thinking why in the world would anyone go search YouTube for this?  and why is this conversation still happening?)
Hubby: because it was supposedly the most secure gaming network in existance
Me: I guess I don't understand the point...(mentally: at least we still have xbox...otherwise I may have to have more of these conversations)
Hubby: deep exhale...I guess not

Yeah...perhaps we are too attached to our internet...oh well! 

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