Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FF#85 and other stuff

hello all!  long time no real chat...just a quick post here or there to say that I'm alive...and while I am physically...mentally I'm having some issues (outside of my normal issues of course!  LOL!).  But to tell you about the Fab (post) 4th of July Patriotic challenge going on over at the Shoe!  We have a fab sponsor (Digi's With Attitude) and bit of a plug for a group that would love to receive some homemade cards!  (Check out the full post at If the Shoe Fits...Scrap It!  to get all the deets!  and to check out the beautiful samples created by our DT!

and then the other being in the military had it's stressful moments...but dadgum it...I'm starting to think my civilian job may just have blown all my stress from my military life out of the water!  As silly season continues at work...I'm rapidly approaching my wits end...and while my biggest stress relief lately has been sewing (see here and here), it's been for short bursts at a time, and has honestly left me even more exhausted.

Hoping to see a break in the clouds before too long...and definitely have an amazing weekend coming up (more about that next week), but for now...just trying to make it from one day to the next!

Hugs to all...hope to catch up real soon and get back to working and playing in equal amounts of time!

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