Thursday, October 20, 2011

little life lessons

  1. Don't speak too loudly while your hubby is on the phone...the person on the other end might hear you refer to them in less than flattering terms (learned this one last week)
  2. Don't make said comments when the person you are really irritated with is your hubby...not the other person (see above)
  3. Don't ever start a sentence with "hold my beer while..." it usually leads to many comical (at your own expense) stories for many years to come (learned this one a few years ago while at Talladega)
  4. Don't expect to automatically be able to do something just because you saw a tutorial on someone else's blog (many semi-painted canvases and piles of "artsy" junk filling up space in my office taught me this one)
  5. Don't give up just because you don't get it right the first time (still working on this one)
  6. Don't drive someone's prized vehicle and then complain about how it drives (hubby learned this one today (for the second time!))
  7. Don't drink and blog (learned that after re-reading last night's post...does it make sense to anyone???)
  8. Trust but verify (re-live that one EVERY day!)
  9. Don't believe that just because you have it all together at work, you have it all together outside of work (have to remind myself of this EVERY day!)
  10. Don't attempt to make important decisions first thing in the morning if you haven't had a cup of coffee (this may just be me)
  11. Don't give up...even when you break ever rule listed above...tomorrow is another day!

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