Sunday, June 7, 2009

GO RVing...or something like that!

We own a Pop-up camper...not quite an RV but anyways... we had such a fantastic weekend up in the Smoky Mountains! Only about a three hour drive from us...we were up in Whittier, NC at the Timberlake Campground run by the OH-SO-FANTASTIC Ms. Betty! was a little piece of heaven and it was horrible to have to leave it! Here are a couple of pics:

View of our campsite:

view from our campsite (before we parked the camper...didn't obstruct much of the view though!):

all i can say is as great the views were, as cool as it was to be on top of ole smoky (more on that later...the mountain...minds outta gutters! LOL!) the best part was spending time away from tv, puters, and the "real" world...but spending time together and the kiddo telling us that she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

more later dolls!


  1. sounds like a GREAT TIME!!!!!! can't wait tosee more!

  2. wish I was there! sounds like a really restfull and great time....

  3. that sounds like total heaven!! did you leave the Cricut at home? :)

    thrilled to hear the wee one had fun, too! i'm always worried, when doing things that are back-to-basics activities, that the son is going to HATE IT. he never does. :)