Monday, November 2, 2009


It's amazing how fast the time if flying these days!  If I'm not at work...I'm at home thinking about work!  My creative urge is rapidly turning into an obsession...yet I have had no time to really work on anything!  Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes!  Well...for my first post of's time for my October faves!  Here they are in no particular order:
1.  My Gypsy!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (even if I haven't gotten to use it as much as I would have liked!)
2.  Verve stamps latest releases...fantabulous Christmas sets!  AND...more importantly...their "Believe" set.  Verve is donating $10 from every "Believe" set sold to the Susan G. Komen foundation...definitely a worthwhile purchase!
3.  My Mind's Eye Christmas paper packs...DELISH!  (I am unable to find a picture online of their latest Christmas packs...but I'll get some more info up when I get home tonight)
4.  Scrapping classes!  This is more of a future fave...but I was so excited to recently secure a seat in some classes coming up later this best gal pals will be joining me at them!  THAT ROCKS!
5.  last but not least...

My Longhorns are kicking butt and taking's hoping they finish out the season in the same fashion!

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