Thursday, March 11, 2010's thursday already...

and i'm soooo tired!  I've been working a sort of 2nd shift at work this week...and i don't mind working into the evening...but it will wear you down!

I was really excited to log on to the computer this morning and see my Cowgirl Up LO on the TGF blog!  Kinda cool when they see your stuff and want to point it out!

The Greeting Farm will be running this new challenge starting next week...and it's a team can read a little bit of info at Rule #1 picking a team ...

if you are interested in joining my team...let me know!  i have put out a comment to a few gals...and hopefully my BFF will want to join in!  So we'll need at least 1-2 more...again...leave a comment and let me know!

Have a lovely lovely day all!


  1. rock! lol!!! love it that the gals of TGF can recognize talent :) and i would love to be on ur team! what is our name gonna be???? hmmmm.....

  2. Lesley that LO totally deserved the shout out! It is AMAZING! Not sure if you are still looking for anyone for your team but I don't have anyone, and would love to do the challenge, so if you end up needing someone give me a yell!