Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun and Games

as stressful and challenging as my job can all breaks down to just some good old fashioned fun!

Every year my company hosts a United Way Carnival...all proceeds raised at the Carnival go directly to the United Way.  The Carnival is one of those events...that no matter WANT to be at work that day  for (even when you have worked yourself ragged as part of the UW prep team...and thankfully I am not one of those people!).

The most anticipated parts of the Carnival...the site-wide COOK-OFF!!!  Teams from different groups within the company form up...decide on their menu...and the morning of the cook off...let the GAMES begin!  (actually let the competition is VERY fierce!).  Here is an early morning pic of 8 of the 12 teams getting set up and running:

I'm part of the OPS/Training team and here is our booth this year:

We had an excellent addition to the team this year...his marinade for our Chicken and Shrimp skewers was to die for!  Here he is peeling shrimp while another team member skewers the chicken:

and here is some of the other most fabulous members of the team (from left to right: Queen Decorator, Grand Duchess of Sales, and the Marinade King.  I was taking the pic so I'm not in it...but I do refer to myself as the Mistress of the Grill):

oh...besides the food, we do have some fun games set the Royal is our Team Handyman facing down the Director of our department:

and here is the director after getting soaked! (not the last time either!):

and even better...this year...the OPS/Training team...took home the title of: Top DOG!  Our food was the overwhelming pick of the food judges!  WOOHOO!  (planning has already begun for next year's menu!  We have a title to defend now!)

Here's hoping you have an absolutely FABULOUS day!  (I know mine was!)

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