Friday, September 30, 2011

The Help...was amazing!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to go see the movie The Help (based on the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and let me tell you...WOW!  Do NOT go see this movie without packing some tissue!

I read the book a few months ago after seeing all of the previews and ads for the movie.  And I am so glad I read the book...what a stunning story.  The writing is amazing, the way it captures moments in history as a page of someone's every day's quite a beautifully written book.  I highly recommend that if you are interested in seeing the the book first!  It's a pretty quick read, because it is incredibly difficult to put the book down after starting, and you can't help but want to keep reading so that you can hear the stories, so that you can find out what happens to the amazing characters.  And I honestly think it's an IMPORTANT book to read...for just a small glimpse into a life that many of us are too young to have ever witnessed, or have lived.

The movie was just as good!  I was really surprised as many times movies do NOT live up to the expectations of a good book.  While there are some pieces that are cut out of the movie (at 2 hours in length, there wasn't a whole lot cut out, but it was...trimmed a bit), it does not negatively impact the story telling.  I would not be surprised (IMHO) if there aren't many Oscar nominations for this movie, in particular for Viola Davis who plays the main character/narrator of the story, her work was AMAZING. 

Well that's it for back later tonight with some new Shoe stuff.  But just had to take a minute and share my RAVE of the book and movie!

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  1. I heard about this book and movie from the ECFE class I attend with my 3 year old. I went online to our library and requested it. I'm number 457! I don't think I'll be getting it before the year is up and the request expires.