Sunday, October 18, 2009

and then we wait...and wait...

So...let me pre-empt this by frustrated as I may sound later in this has no reflection on how I feel about the Gypsy!  I still love it...but all the odds and ends on getting it to actually cut on my bug...well that part is just a bunch of red tape!

Anyways...I was all excited I spent some time just hanging out with my kiddo, designing stuff that I would later cut out with my was great...I sat on the couch watching TV with her...and when inspiration would hit...I would just create a new file and go to town!  (Massive hint here...have a sketch with you!  I am not the greatest at just sitting and designing (it will take me FOREVER) so I went ahead and printed out a sketch I wanted to work off of...and it made designing different elements much easier!). 

Anyways...I got all hooked up to my cricut...was ready to go...and then...brick wall! 

Couldn't get my Gypsy to talk to my E (expression)...and nothing I was doing would work...until I finally went online and searched the PC website...nothing going right off the bat...I finally just googled my question...and sure the Cricut forum was my exact question...and IT WORKED!  thankfully!  let me tell you...when the screen says push the STOP button as you power it WORKS! 

some technical data on this...the reason that it takes so typically Design Studio will update your cricut with the latest "firmware"...well I don't own DS...the only reason I ever would have wanted to was to Weld stuffs...and now my Gypsy allows me to do that!  So...without DS...your cricut is likely WAYYYY behind (like mine was) on firmware it takes awhile to catch it give yourself at least 30 minutes here to get these updates going!

it took a while (had to update in 2 parts)...but as soon as it was done...I WAS OFF AND CUTTING!  and WOOOOHOOOO!  the ONLY problem I could even that it goes faster than I can think!  I had so much stuff cutout for this LO...and I was barely ready to start (mentally of course)...but WOW OH WOW OH WOW! 

Most importantly...I finally got to WELD!  A portion of my title and one of my embellies were WELDED!  and it ROCKS!  but you'll have to wait to see pics of that!

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  1. Ugh...I have to be honest and say, YOU have more patience than I do. You should have seen me when I first got the Cricut. I sent it back. Then, I saw someone demonstrate it better than the Infomercial and took the bait from I'm a fan. I admire your patience. :p