Friday, October 23, 2009

sorry for the absence...

I'm working like a mad woman here!  Starting this past Monday I am working over at the plant for a few weeks helping out during the refueling outage...originally thought I would have more time to scrap and play than I am actually having!  I am working 6 days a day off...then back on for another 6...thankfully the first week is almost up and I only have two weeks left.  I am having a blast at work though...working with some fantastic people! 

I am hoping to either tonight or tomorrow finish the LO I started last weekend with my Gypsy!  It's about 75% done...and as soon as I get it done, I'll get it and some more Gypsy pics up! 


1 comment:

  1., work, work...*sigh* yep, I miss it! Glad for the post, Lesley - looking for those pics. :)