Sunday, October 18, 2009

Episode 3...lots to learn... this afternoon...after getting all my shopping done...was quite the educational adventure with Provo Craft.  I figured a few things out that I had questions on...interfaced with the Provo craft the user manual...and finally got to working on my first Gypsy driven project! answer some of the questions I had before...I can find out the battery life by pushing the silver button on the right hand side of the machine...this button will also bring up the main menu when I am on any other screen.  I also can actually see what carts my Gypsy can cut from (only carts that you have linked and the two pre-loaded carts) clicking on the cartridge list bar it will bring up a scrollable list of all cricut carts...the ones that are linked to your Gypsy are in bold it's easier to pick out the ones that you know you can use! (Please forgive the somewhat fuzzy pic...sometimes photographing the gypsy screen can be tricky!)

So...then it was off to the Provo Craft website...some of the buttons and tools to be used are not necessarily obvious to the I finally broke down and decided to go online and find the user's manual...and that took me down a couple of different paths...the first thing was to register my Gypsy with Provo Craft...which actually wasn't too difficult...I downloaded the Sync software...connected the USB cable...and within a few minutes I was registered and completing my first update!

After completing the update...I took a peek at their tutorial vids...the quick use guide (which I had pretty much figured out already)...and perused the user guide...which was incredibly helpful to figure out what the different icons were when manipulating things on the mat...and most importantly...learning how to weld! 

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