Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gypsy...Day 2...

Well...after the initial meet and greet with my Gypsy yesterday...I actually spent some time this morning getting to know it...and getting my carts linked to my Gypsy...and while I'm still loving this new toy...there were a few annoyances this morning...but nothing that couldn't be resolved easily...

So I powered it up unplugged...haven't found a screen or icon I can tap into yet to give me an idea of how much battery life I have left...but I also haven't downloaded or even taken a glimpse at the User's irritation...but likely my own fault!  LOL!

The goal this morning was to get my carts linked officially to my Gypsy...this process was relatively easy and took maybe 20 mins to get 18 carts all in all...not bad!  A real positive here...when you first plug stuff into your computer (for example) you get pop up windows and all this other stuff...or some sort of automatic action taking place...with the Gypsy...when I hooked up the cart cable and plugged in a cart...there was no 'auto" action by the Gypsy...I had to do all the "work" and I'm VERY glad for that! 

I had to confirm along the way that everything was connected and THEN would the Gypsy take the next step...and this is the part where it was slightly annoying after like the 3rd cart...first is the WARNING...that you are permanently linking that cart to this Gypsy...

then the User Agreement for EVERY cart...then at the end acknowledging that it had linked...just a lot of tap and tap and tap and agree agree agree...gets a tad bit boring after awhile...

anyways...nothing onward...I was on my next to last link...uploading my Opposites Attract cart...and then something different happened...I got this screen that was telling me that it was unable to "authenticate" the cart...and to contact Provo Craft if this that point I'm like WHOA...but I was like...well...let's try it one more time...see what happens...and it worked!  So...just a little heads up on that one!

After everything was linked...I wanted to just flip through some stuff and see...and ran into the other two things that are a bit I can do nothing I hope I can find the answer to.  First...disconnecting the cart cable from the Gypsy...pain in the behind!  and I dang near broke a nail trying to get them to detach!  Hopefully it will be less difficult later on...and that it's only because it's new...but unless I'm buying new carts on a regular basis (which I won't be) then there really isn't much to say or do with this one!

I wanted to see how it looked with all my carts (no idea if i would get a new icon or anything)...and really this is where I am starting to see some confusion...what is really cool with the Gypsy is that you get an amazing preview of EVERY cart out there!  which is incredibly helpful if you have your eye on a new one you would like...but just really need to see what all it has to offer! would be nice if there was a way to page through just the carts you ALREADY have and have linked to the Gypsy!  Otherwise you could be flipping through the different carts forever finding the one that you want that starts with an S! (carts are in alpha order, and when you first start creating a new project and you are flipping through the different carts, I believe you always start at the Gypsy Font or Wanderings carts).  There is a search feature that I haven't tried to use yet...and there are lots of buttons I haven't tapped no idea at this point how to get to the nitty gritty when it comes to carts...fear not...I will keep searching!

My goal with my new toy today is to create a project, get it hooked up to my Cricut, and then actually cut!  So more pics and fun later!

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  1. You know this is quite informative because I wasn't sure if I wanted it and I'm not one to go through motions with figuring things out. So your guide is helpful and I appreciate YOU going through those little kinks. I'm anticipating a fabulous project because that's YOU!! Fabulous!