Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gypsy First Impressions...

A couple of thoughts as I first start opening up and playing with the 't it CUTE!!!!!!

I opened up the box and took a quick peek at everything, then decided to go ahead and get it plugged in and let the battery charge...what's the point of having a portable system if you have to be plugged in to start using it!  After a few hours...I was watching TX vs ou while this was going on...I sat down and started playing...not many pics from that few minutes...but it did give me some other impressions...this thing is SERIOUSLY light-weight!  It's larger than I thought it would be...the screen is actually a fairly decent size!  AND...most importantly since it does NOT come with a user's have to download it from PC on your computer...the videos on are an excellent starting point when you first power this puppy up!  I also found a few videos on You Tube (particularly the Pink Stamper) that step you through the basics!  Thankfully having watched those vids...I felt pretty comfortable with the beginning navigation! I powered it up...agreed to the End User License Agreement...and just started tapping and playing.  I wanted to see these carts that it came already loaded with...Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font...FABULOUS!  I mean absolutely GORGEOUS!  These carts ROCK!  I played for a few minutes with a "new project", choosing the 12x12 mat...and felt that it was pretty easy to play with.  At this point I powered it off and let it sit and charge the rest of the evening!  Until this morning...but that post will come later!

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  1. I can't wait to see it Lesley - you have me on pins and needles!! :p