Monday, May 11, 2009

Leave for a few days...

...and you feel like you are a month behind! and the Fam went out of town this weekend...lots of fun was had on our first ever camping trip combined with DH's and DD's first Nascar race! We really enjoyed so much time together away from cell phones, tv's, computers, and all that jazz! It was a nice refresher to separate from the hobby room and paper and ink and stuff...I did miss it alot...but seeing my daughter's face when she saw the track for the first time...PLUS told me how much fun she had camping...well...everything else goes to the wayside on that!
Anywho...just a quick note...I have a couple of posts to catch up and hopefully have something fabulously new to share later tonight...if I don't fall asleep first! LOL!

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  1. oldest son in North Carolina was at his first Nascar race too! :) Hope it was fun!