Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dang technology! we were all set...we had episodes recorded...we were going to be able to catch up and watch the BSG finale TODAY! Until we looked at the DVR last night and we found that just about every episode we recorded is GONE! There was a glitch on Friday when I was making sure the Finale was set to record...and apparently I changed the settings on the DVR and deleted a BUNCH of stuff! we are trying to figure out what we have to do to catch up on the episodes we missed. We are hoping to find them online or we will just break down and buy them from itunes or something.
On a different note...I keep hoping to have an opportunity to get scrappy this weekend...after's Sunday, there will be a race on...and that's just what I do! However...we still have company in town and aren't exactly sure when they are heck or high water...i will create today!!!

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  1. Oh I hope you can find your show online. You don't have something called on demand where you live? We have that through the cable company here in MI, it makes it nice when you miss something you really wanted to watch. I don't ever watch TV but hubby and the kids do. The most I watch is when I go to bed and then it's just news!! lol :-) Good Luck