Sunday, March 22, 2009

not exactly new...

Ok...much as I wanted to...being crafty just wasn't quite in the cards for me this weekend! I was incredibly worn out from things this weekend (still haven't watched BSG finale...massive sore point with me...but's life) that I really only got one thing done that I was WAYYYY overdue I hope to get back to current things TOMORROW!!!
I have decided to show you a few items I have done in the past year...for those of you that don't know me...I have not been this crafty for very long! LOL! This may will be a YEAR since I was INTRODUCED to stamping! It was INSTANT LOVE!!! LOL! I had previously dabbled in scrapbooking...but to no avail...I never really carried through with it...BUT...after my very very lovely BFF got me on the stamps...things have developed from there! Anyways...after all my babbling... a few of the things I created when I "first" got started last year!

I can honestly say...other than knowing that the majority of the products are Close To My Heart products...I can't tell you much about them! Other than I really enjoyed putting them together! When I first started making me the ultimate "happy" part about it was I liked what I had created...enough to photograph it! Heehee!

On a final note...for those of you that notice my is tuned to BSG tracks...AND will remain there until I FINALLY get to watch the FINALE!!!! I'm honestly dying here!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!



  1. Your cards are very pretty, I seen on Cafemom (ASNS)that you had a blog and I wanted to stop in and say Hi!

  2. WOW...Lesley those cards are wonderful. It's so nice to see your work. What a nice friend you have to introduce you to stamping, it's a whole new world!! I have just been getting into stamping although I have had most of my stuff for a few years. Now I need to learn the right way to color in an image so it looks good. Thanks for posting your work!! :-)