Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh FRAK!!! have I managed to NOT comment on this so far this I may be a scrapper...but I'm also a HUGEHUGEHUGE fan of Battlestar Galactica, which ends it's AMAZING run of 4 seasons TONIGHT! I may cry! seriously! I loved this show back when the first series started when I was a was incredibly campy, and fun...and just really enjoyable...then a few years back...I, quite by accident, caught the Battlestar mini-series which was on TV...and instantly became enamored of yet another wildly awesome ride of a SciFi show! As with many TV Series and Movie series (think Star Wars and Indy Jones)'s quite often sad...and VERY HARD for me to watch the end...(still haven't watched the final episodes of Gilmore Girls...and the final season been sitting on my shelf since Black Friday)...I hate to say "goodbye" to the the characters...much like it was really hard to read the final book of the Harry Potter much as you WANT to know what happens...sometimes NOT KNOWING means the story just keeps going!
However...this is one finale I CANNOT miss! My husband and I have tried to catch up on this last season the past few nights (I'm at work...he's at home watching it...feeling jealous here!)...and we will record the final episode...but this is one that I can't risk catching a spoiler to after it airs we WILL be watching it live!

Good chance I will blog on this more later...but if you have NEVER watched this show...give it a chance in repeats one day...the ties between this "fictional" other world...and our own modern day unbelievable...and will make you think!!!


  1. I love this show too! I have been waiting for it to be done so I can watch a marathon of the entire season. I am NOT good at waiting! At least between episodes LOL

    Did you ever watch Farscape??? I DID cry when it was cancelled :(

  2. I'm waiting for my husband to get home so we can watch it together ... but I cheated and watched it last night while baby sitting for my sister. lol I can't wait to se it again without kidlets underfoot.