Monday, March 23, 2009

Some days I'm just a lucky girl...

Honestly...there are some days that I just have to go...I'm really dang LUCKY! Long story short...on the work "bulletin board" someone posted a fairly new...rather nice (I guess...not my forte) lawn mower...DH showed up at my cubicle and was like...I want was $50 and not a big deal (at least in my mind) and was like Ok...go for it...well...he went after work and got himself a really nice $180 lawn mower for $50.
Turns out the girl selling the lawn mower had just recently graduated college and was getting rid of a bunch of stuff before moving...she had been a Fine Arts minor...and was selling something that once DH saw it...was like...I have to buy that wife would LOVE IT! AND HE WAS RIGHT!! Here is a close up of what he came home with:

Figure it out yet? It's a FULL SIZE EASEL!!!!! I was so shocked! A few months back I started randomly playing around with canvases for collage and stuff. I really like the painting part...rarely does something come out the way I INTEND for it to...but I do enjoy the process! Anyways...what I had been using to "hold" my canvases was essentially an old plastic file box...and it worked fine...but was a killer to my about a month ago he picked me up a little Tabletop Easel...still haven't opened it...I'm wayyy too short on tabletop space!!!! LOL! Well...when he saw this easel tonight...full size, stand alone...adjusts for canvas size, height, and it tilts....he just KNEW it would be something I would really enjoy having! this point I'm lucky am I...that while he finds a deal for himself...he randomly spots something very few people would think to look at...and wife shall have that! gets even better...I work out of a very nice sized room that was originally intended to be half office for him...half craft space for the entire room is mine...and the computer in it. He purchased a computer for himself to use for office type stuff...and relocated to a completely different location in the house! AND NOW...he brings this easel home...I say...I have to rearrange the craft room to accomodate this...and he's like...well I figured we'd put it in the OTHER room...and you could paint in there!!!! I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I cannot take him up on the much as I am DYING for it...but then I'd be occupying a corner of the guest room...and not that any guests we have would mind...but I'm really neurotic about people touching my stuff...or messing in my chaos! AND...I cannot honestly justify taking up TWO rooms!!! LOL! So...I have to say...I'm a REALLY lucky girl to be so blessed with such a thoughtful and truly UNDERSTANDING hubby!!!!


  1. You ARE a lucky girl! That is a wonderful find! Coming from someone who paints I can tell you that that easel is NOT cheap!

  2. You are so LUCKY!! Wow your hubby rocks!! Did the gal ever use the easel, it looks brand new!! Congrats!! I'm sure you will enjoy it. :-)