Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little about me...

I am an Operations Training Instructor by day at a power plant...and a paper-crafter (is that even a word?) by night. i am a member of the design/blog team for If the shoe fits...scrap it. I am new the blogging world...but so far it seems pretty fun!
This blog is really just another creative outlet for me. I was looking at other blogs for inspiration and was thinking why not give some of their challenges a try and go ahead and put it out there. Most of the time these kinda have to have your own little corner of the blogosphere in order to really participate in some of these challenges!
I am not a technologically savvy person...I just try to have fun with what I know how to do...and learn a little bit at a time!
My goals for this blog are to be to share a bit about me...what i do...what i like...what i rant about...LOL! almost along the lines of a journal for me!

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