Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy happy happy...

WOOOHOOO! Thanks to a friend...we will FINALLY be able to watch the remaining BSG episodes we have missed! He came over yesterday to hook up some thingamabob to our TV...and showed us where online to get the episodes AND how to watch them on our TV...instead of having to crowd around the computer! Before too long today...we will be camped out in front of the TV having our "marathon"!
In a slightly different bit of news..this same friend also does a lot of computer work...and rebuilds computers in his spare time. We had two computers that crashed many moons we offered them to him. One of the two computers was the one that I had stored all of my photos on...up until it crashed last March...well...he called earlier today and let us know that he has recovered 4 GB of pictures!!!! I'm soooo excited...all the pics of my little girl...when she was a little girl...I will have back!!
My weekend is just going GREAT so far!!!!!!

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  1. It was a great finale but I really had to try and not sob like a BABY!!! When the presiden died!!!!! :( BOOHOO!!!!!!! We have that same set up on our tv! Its sweet!