Friday, April 24, 2009

Woohooo! Blog Awards! See who made my list!

Thank you to my BFF Tracey over at Scrappin' Trackside for this super sweet Blog Award! now it's my job to pass this award along to 10 more bloggers! I find inspiration at each of these blogs! Plus the gals running them are just fabulous!Here goes:
2. Mercy at Lord Have Mercy
5. All the fab people at 2 Red Bananas
7. Silke at Silli
10. Stephanie at Owl Whimsy
Please pass this award on to another 10 fabulous bloggers!!


  1. WHOA! Thank you for the cool award! How sweet! Cute your cards girl!!
    Totally cool music here too! ha! Sitting here humming and smileing! :)have a great weekend! will be back to get my award!!

  2. Thanks for the award, this is so great to be included with so many great talents!!! makes what we are all doing and sharing so much better. Thanks again :)

  3. How sweet! the blog award is so cute lol Congrats on getting one!

  4. Oh Thank you so much! I am so happy that you like my blog! I like yours too...lots of fab inspiration! Congrats on recieving this award yourself! :)

  5. Thanks Lesley! I am honored to be included in your top 10 list. I will definitely pay this forward to 10 others. I do love coming to your blog for inspiration too! I love the fact that you do a wide variety of cards. I'm always watching my blog follower window to see what you are up to! Thanks again for thinking of me:)))

  6. How sweet of you to include us in your top 10 list. Thank you so much!! Your blog is wonderful and I love your style!!